A few features I would like to see

Some of these are things that could be updated into the BETA others are Full Game release features. I am sure some of the full game features I am mentioning are already being planned.

BETA Updates:

Average Wattage of the sprint/KOM displayed next to their name and time on leader boards.

Ability to pause the game in motion and resume at the same speed you stopped at.

Full Game Features:

Rider created private rooms/courses, locked unless invited by the creator or password protected.

Race Days

Ability to create personalized rider rooms, i.e. non drafting, max amount of people, powermeter only … etc…

Virtual Pacer, the ability to ride in your own room/course with an AI rider riding with a certain time in mind. Not necessarily a certain pace… meaning that wattage would still vary over terrain but he would complete the course in a certain amount of time. The option for a pre determined wattage would be nice too.

Time Trial room where you can have the cda of a Time Trial bike and position (or maybe even enter your own!!!) and do a time trial … either a solo room, or even an open room where drafting is disabled

Those are my basic requests, thanks for listening

Some really great ideas Jeff.

+1 yes great ideas

One more request would be video capturing. With the possibility of automatic video downloads of Sprint wins (or even 1,2,3rd place) If possible KOMs as well if the files are too large and it wouldn’t crash the game.