Gears issue

Hello hope someone can help I’m new to cycling.

I am using a basic hybrid bike 18 speed and wahoo speed and cadence sensors and dumb trainer (lifeline tt-01) . I don’t know much about gears. Zwift will only pick up speed when front gear is on largest cog and back is more responsive on smallest 6 but does work on 5 and 4 also. On any other gear combination zwift avatar stay Stationary and gears feel too loose on any other combination also. Not sure if I should tighten the trainer setting at the back. The trainer has manual dial from 1-6. 1 being the most resistance. I’m using it on 1 that’s why I’m thinking I need to tighten the manual cog at the back. The candence sensor is on the pedal arm but near the centre. Not sure if placement makes any difference.

I checked and it appears you have a supported trainer.
You should set the resistance to the recommended level and leave it.

The cadence sensor will not affect power or speed.
Is your speed sensor “beeping” each time the wheel turns?

I Don’t think the speed sensor is beeping on wheels turns but will check. Is the Candence sensor of no significant.

If it doesn’t, you may need a new battery or, if the system uses a magnet, reposition the magnet and sensor.

Won’t be Battery as its new sensor out of box.

Should the speed sensor be on the pedal or wheel?

Could be a bad battery new out of box.
May not be but you also can not assume.
I have put in a new battery and had it be bad.

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Speed sensor goes on the wheel.
Cadence goes on crank or pedal.