Gear sets / Equipment manager

Artist’s impression

(images taken from ZwiftInsider)

The problem

Sometimes you want to ride the Trek Emonda, Zipp 202 wheelset, no cap and the Imperial jersey.

Other times you’re the TT bike, 808s, TT helmet and your team jersey perhaps.

Maybe you ride a specific set up for racing, and another for “Just ride”.

Of course, all this is possible. But I find the equipment manager a pain to use. Finding a particular jersey or other item in the list can be slow and a bit frustrating.

Gear sets

So I propose being able to create gear “sets”. I might have “Climbing”, “Racing”, “Sunday funday” etc.

When going into the gear locker I’d be presented with a set of gear set tiles; click one and my equipment changes automatically.

Bish, bash, bosh! Job’s a good 'un!

Edited to add a link to this archived feature request: Jersey/Kit Profiles

YESS!!! I love it. Give me the Tron bike for 99% of my riding and the emonda with 202’s for the real climby races. the rest can be sold for Dropz :wink:

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