Gear Inspection

Many MMORPG style games give you the ability to inspect what kind of equipment a player is wearing. For example, in World of Warcraft you can right click a players portrait and select an option that says “inspect” which will then show you the names and static’s of everything there using.

It would be neat in Zwift to inspect other people’s equipment. This would create a more social experience while at the same time provide incentive for players to unlock that cool setup another rider was using.

For the most part, you can see what people are using anyway, but it would sometimes be useful to answer the “what is that cool looking bike?” question.

The character inspector in a game like WoW is more useful I think as it enables you to see the attributes of gear, item levels etc. Items have cool names, such as “Emblem of Zandalar”.

The gear stats in Zwift are almost non-existent. Apart from a few stars for aero or weight, nothing has any significant stats to display. And the names… Well, there’s not much cool in “Camo 2 jersey” or “Orange socks”. :smiley: I guess “Beta tester’s shoes” is pretty cool though.

What I would also love to see from some sort of player inspection is their achievements and Feats of Strength.

I’d love to be able to see that a person has done 25 laps of the volcano, or ridden AdZ 47 times etc.

Gets my vote.

Those would be cool as well!