Honesty/Cheating/Better Stats


With Zwift being a very social game, with huge importance on this interaction and interactivity, and also being dependent upon the integrity of it’s community to play fair, I think it would be an idea to have better stat logging.

For example, if you could view another person’s weight changes over the last 30 days. Or average w/kg over the last 30 days.

I think this transparency would help keep more players on a more honest path.

At the moment there is nothing at all, it’s open season for ‘dopers’.

Let’s face it, competitive races and some other elements are much less fun when you strongly suspect people of ‘cheating’

Sorry for piling on - but If we can’t stop the cheaters - would it be possible to create filters, so we don’t have to see them?

Whenever I log in, there are now 300+ riders, of which I’m sure 90% are faster and have better power-to-weight ratio than myself.  

It would make the environment more social if I could just interact with people that were more in my performance range.  Having a filter would allow riders to filter out those they feel are cheating - and cater to those novices starting out.

This does frustrate me.  I’m not sure how many of them are cheaters or simply ignorant. Some people won’t even know how to set up their dumb trainers correctly. 

I would like to have a filter so I don’t see people without power meters.  When I ride a fast lap I don’t compete against them, my goal is to beat people with power meters as I have no way of knowing how my ability compares to someone with a dumb trainer.


I would also like the FIT file that Zwift creates and sends to Strava not to include power data if the user does not have a power meter.  I’d then like Strava to include a filter which lets you ignore riders without power

I’d like to see the Avatar’s Height & Weight as an option to turn on and display  within the screen display along with the current power rating. 

Agree non power trainers have different abilities and dependent on their physical setup & tire contact pressure can produce widely different performances.

Smart trainers are much closer, but also have a variance in their wattage output per rider output; still dependent on riders effort producing watts. A CT vs Kicker vs Neo… riden all of them with slightly different results but still based on watts produced.

The trainer produces watts without regard to ride’s physical matrix. The Zwift game is designed to be enjoyed and motivate riders, if someone is greatly outside the normal size… Say extreme height that adds an additional 80-150 lbs or someone overweight looking for motivation to ride, loose weight & enjoy. I have no issues with them creating a virtual rider a bit more in the normal zone to enjoy the ride, group and competition motivation on a smart trainer since their wattage still needs to be produced. In a sort, a handicap to help equalize the size difference not create an unequal advantage. To create a virtual rider ultra light or small that isn’t within the normal riders may provide an unfair advantage if they’re able to produce the watts. Another alternative would be to have size limits to avoid the unrealistic weights or base each rider on wattage produced and all virtual riders same size. 

Not supporting cheating, but in a virtual game I’d like everyone to enjoy, continue paying subscription to support development of more courses and enhancements. I reconize that the majority of Zwifters will not all be lean competive riders.