GDPR Permissioning

In order to permit ZwiftPower and CVR to access my Zwift Data, I believe that we are meant to go to this link to do so:

I believe THERE IS A BUG that if somebody tries to access that link from a device where they have SAVED their username/password that clicking the link results in Zwift getting caught in an endless loop. I had this problem on THREE devices (2 PCs and one Windows) that did NOT ask me to login to

I had the same problem when alternatively trying to make these changes thru PROFILE.  I know others have had these issues too!

Only when I went to a new device where I WAS asked to enter my username/password for was I able to OPT IN as I wanted to do so …

GDPR is tough enough on everyone without having to go thru this 20 hours of hassle, so if my diagnosis is correct, I hope that ZwiftHQ can fix this fast and we can all get back to racing with good results.

THANKS.  Kevin


Could please you write in a support ticket about this? What you’re describing sounds bizarre, and we definitely want to look into it, but forums aren’t a very good place for us to investigate in depth. When you write in, please make sure to include a screenshot of the endless loop, and describe what happens in as much detail as possible.