GCN Race Coverage - Tour for All

Watching the live feed from the GCN app, I must say they are doing a great job. The production value is quite high compared to previous Zwift races and tours that I have seen. I just wish they would show us the start of the races, seems like we come in 2 or 3 laps into the race. Overall, they are fun to watch.

And did anyone catch the graphic that showed how the draft works during the men’s race a little while ago, that was interesting.

Agree with everything you said. Zero reason to not show us the start. They aren’t paying for helicopter fuel.

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Watching it here too and it’s probably the most professional production I’ve seen of a virtual bike race so far. It does still highlight a few niggles though, one of the worst being the calculation of time gaps, which vary massively depending on whether riders are going uphill, flat or downhill.

I think it assumes a constant riding speed of 30km/h(?), but it can make the commentators sound a bit silly as it looks like the gaps are changing when they aren’t

Do you know how can I watch it on my PC?

I wish it was on Zwift community live (ZCL) on Twitch

@Gerrie_Delport I think it is just being shown (live at least) on the GCN app or Eurosport, so if you have a Eurosport subscription then that should work on a PC.

Yeah, I believe it is the app only. You can cast it to your smart TV however, which is nice.

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