Garmin Vector 3 Power Dropouts

(Franz de Leon) #1



I am having an issue with power/cadence drop outs from my Garmin Vector 3.

These are less than 1 to one second drop outs which happens a couple of times intermitently. The garmin fit files does not have the drop outs but the zwift file does so I think this is something to do with the Zwift connection only.

(Paul Graham) #2

I get the same issues on a Kickr Franz. Zwift indicates drop-outs, Garmin does not.

After many differing setups and some research I’ve come to the conclusion this is an internet server/connection issue. It may not be a bug, just the way some servers spread the data when loaded.

I’ve come to a pragmatic solution, there is nothing I can do so I think of it as a normal part of Zwifting, sometimes frustrating, sometimes even more frustrating.  :slight_smile:

Ride On!

(Clayton Bigsby) #3

Try going to Zwiftilyzer and follow directions…it will show you BT and WiFi Internet drop outs as well as your graphics performance…see if there are dropouts and compare to the Garmin timeline

(David K) #4

If none of that seems to help, please open an email support ticket with us so we can request your log files and do a bit of research for you.

(Franz de Leon) #5

Garmin said that if I turn on Cycling Dynamics that it will force the Vector broadcast to 8hz which should fix the drop issues. I did this but it is still recording 4hz according to the Zwift logs via ZwiftAnalyzer although Garmin verified through my fit files that the Vector’s are broadcasting 8hz.

So which one is telling the truth? Does Zwift only accept 4hz broadcast?

(Ariel Dumlao ZwiftPH) #6


(David K) #7

It’s likey you have a USB dongle or ANT receiver that’s only capiable of ANT and not ANT+. ANT+ should support the 8hz frequency your Vector uses, but ANT alone is limited to operating a 4hz.

(Franz de Leon) #8

I am using this Ant+ usb dongle with the Amazon Basics extension cord.

Has anyone have experience with this dongle?

(David K) #9

Actually, that USB Dongle seems like it should be compatible, and Zwift itself accepts any type of ANT+ connection that your device will. There’s nothing that limits Zwift itself to only accepting 4hz ANT+ communication.

To get to the bottom of your concern, we may need to ask for a few resources to research through. Would you mind if I opened an email support ticket for you?

(Franz de Leon) #10

Please go ahead and open a ticket David K.

(David K) #11

Will do! Please check your inbox.