Gaps in the asphalt everywhere in Makuri Island [September 2022]

I also see this in Makuri, I’m on ipad pro so this is on multiple platforms and unrelated to GPU/graphics card/PC performance.

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In Richmond I have seen these gaps too, most of them right next to pedestrian crosswalks at intersections.

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The gaps are also in the jungle in Watopia. Not that big, but still seeable.

These ‘gaps’ are evidence that the whole ‘world’ is actually a computer simulation. :expressionless:


ok Tom, you’ve seen too many matrix movies…

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Apple Macbook Pro M1. Lots of gaps everywhere! Mostly noticeable in Makuri and France. I spotted them in Watopia but very small. For examples:

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Still looking?

I know- it was the Kappa! The grass lines are actually just on top of the roads, but the Kappa deviously put sod on all the roads to prank us.
I think I’ve been seeing these in Watopia too, though.

The gaps with grass are fine, but that one in front of the bridge looks terrifying.


Indeed. Gives me an urge to bunny hope it!



My thought when I saw that picture was, nope, time to hop off the bike. Not for me.

Zwift needs hike-a-bike ability.

Have a treadmill and trainer connected at the same time? :sunglasses:

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Clearly, there has been an interZwiftmensional earthquake and seismic shifts. :blush:

Zwift’s road workers have done their jobs and repaired all roads with version 1.30! Thanks!

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Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead but, seems this issue has returned.

New gap, not sure if it’s new in 1.43 or not, but, I’ve noticed this hole, and there’s another one somewhere… I think in Watopia actually as well that I noticed recently, but I can’t recall where.

New hole in Scotland.

western turnaround on Tempus has a small one as well now