Hi there,
Some things I would love in terms of gamification:

  • More customisation with your charachters head and body. Endomorph, mesoporph, ectomorph. Long, round head, nose size, jaw those kind of things.

  • More items in the drop shop. Real life items. Im pretty sure Oakley would love to have their Oakley Sutro in the game. Continental GP5000. Schwalbe One pro skinwalls etc. Make a deal with Bioracer to get their shirts in the game for example.

  • More purely flat roads. When the pacers ride flat roads they are more popular then others. For Climbing lovers there is a lot more to chose.
  • Send message to other users outside of the game. Make an option in privacy to turn it off if you want.
  • Option to make your profile page more interesting. Put some RL cycling pictures for example. Put some text or a motto. Something like strava.

Be able to sell your bikes and tires in a store.


Hey Tom.

I think most Zwifters would agree with your suggestions and many have come up on the forum already over the years.

On that point: the Robo Pacers at each W/kg level generally offer both a flat and “less flat” route.

For example: Robo Pacer D.Taylor is currently riding in France (temporarily, celebrating TdF for July before heading back to Makuri) on the relatively flat “R.G.V.” route, as well as back home in Watopia on the rather hilly “Three Little Sisters” route.

Zwift Insider maintains a RoboPacer schedule, with hyperlinks to the routes: Zwift RoboPacer Cycling Route Schedule | Zwift Insider

This fits a theme with Zwift: they often leave certain things out and let the community pick them up. For profiles and the “social” side, many people use Clubs, and even Discord to connect.

My take: Zwift doesn’t want the overhead or liability of having to monitor and police profiles and activity on its own platform. (you just know someone’s going to do something dumb if you give them a blank canvas) Further, they let the community come up with solutions which I alluded to above - you’ve got a lot of Clubs (Herd, BMTR, SVR, DIRT etc) with their own social media presence using tools like Facebook and Discord.

In case you haven’t seen it, check out the Resource Wiki: Zwift Resource Wiki (new) 🗺

Agree. When you upgrade the old item becomes useless. It would be nice to receive half back like you could sell second hand in RL.

Yeah but still the balance between flat roads and hill ones is off. There are a few ones out there, but i imagine it gets repetitive every time tempus fugit. There arent long flat maps as well so if you want to do 100km you need to repeat small flat routes. Anyways i see a lot popularity in flat maps so it would fit people’s needs to make more.

I think it’s nice to add more depth in people’s profile as zwift supposed to be community based. Many times people add you, but I have no clue who these people are. If maybe they would have an interesting profile, or you could see some things what you have in common you could follow them back having somewhat of an idea. People arent really talkative in the game, and this might be helpfull to start conversations as well. Now its basicly just blank and it’s boring :slight_smile:

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