Game Update v1.44 [July 2023]

Getting jerked hard left with steering connected coming into the castle courtyard on RGV with Jaques this morning.

Everyone please note that v 1.44.2 is a Windows-only release.


Trying to fire up Zwift. A white window appears and disappears? Any ideas? Windows 10 has been working normally so far.

Hi @Pawel_Blonski welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I looked at your server logs and noticed that your Windows machine is using an old Zwift v 1.36 and an outdated version of the Zwift Launcher app 1.1.6. Both these things will happen if you bypass the launcher app to start Zwift.

  1. If you created a “Big Z” shortcut to ZwiftApp on your Windows desktop - delete it. This is the root of your issue.
  2. Please download and install the latest version on This step will update the game app to 1.44.2 and the Zwift Launcher app to 1.1.9.
  3. During the install - you’ll be asked if you want to create a shortcut icon on your desktop. Say yes to this step, and launch from this shortcut next time.

The launcher app performs an important job - it checks to see if a new version of the game app is available. If yes - it updates and keeps you using the latest version of Zwift. Please do not bypass the launcher.


As described, we should have a fix for this coming out in the next game release.

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Reports of dark-looking avatars in the Windows version of Zwift 1.44.2 have been split to its own thread. If you’re reporting this issue - please join us here:

I updated to version 1.44, today the button to activate ERG did not appear, is there another way to activate it?

Thank you for your answer.
I removed the zwift from the laptop along with all the folders. I downloaded the new version. I installed it and it still shows a white window and Zwift does not start. What am I doing wrong?

Is the white screen during the launch, or do you reach the home screen? Would you screenshot what you’re seeing and post it here?

I download Zwift to my hard drive. I click install and a window pops up where I confirm that I accept the terms, then it shows me a window that there will be a shortcut on the desktop. Later there is a window with the end of installation and information that Zwift will be launched. I click close and a white window appears

Workouts (again): The first entry in a group (usually weeks) as showing just the copy icon. Second: and the cursor seems to still be picking up random bits from somewhere (Seems to be picking up tags from previewing a workout ride?) and dragging them around with it on the screen.

The former is new, the later has existed for quite a while. They aren’t huge issues though.

macOS Ventura 13.5, Mac Mini M2, all Zwift current.

It’s hard to get a picture of the tag being dragged around by the cursor.


Oops, didn’t mean for this to be a reply to Pawel.

EDIT: Oh, it’s like it’s pre-selecting the ride, and showing what would happen if it was actually ‘selected to ride’. Not sure it’s a bug, but I don’t remember it doing that before. The folder would be opened, and all workout rides would show the ‘thumbnail of pain’ to get a look at what you were in for.

i’ve been getting this again recently too.

try hovering your mouse over where the button should be, you should still be able to click it.

failing that close the window then close the zwift app from the windows tray and try launching again.

Do you have rights to create icons on the desktop? Looks like it is trying to do that, and not succeeding.

Maybe try clearing the box? Just an idea…

The installation proceeds correctly until the end. When I click finish, a white window pops up and zwift doesn’t start

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Immediate term: As @Chris_Holton suggests: hover your mouse in this area where the “Let’s Go” button is. You should be able to click it.

Medium term: a complete deletion of everything Zwift and a fresh-reinstallation may help. Instructions are here. It’s more thorough than the usual Windows OS “uninstall program” method. Be sure to move your custom workout files out of harm’s way before you start deleting things.

This is caused by Edge Browser. Fire it up and answer all questions or click them away. Then the normal Window should appear as it’s supposed to do.

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not for me, it comes and goes. i get various versions of it, sometimes all blank and sometimes like this:

i can always click through so doesn’t massively bother me.