Game Update v1.44 [July 2023]

The white launcher window is very normal and regularly appear for me, typically after a software update. Reinstalling is IMO a bad idea and probably won’t fix anything.

What youd should do instead is to activate the white window and press ctrl-f5 to force a reload of the webpage which it is supposed to show

The white screen appears when the page doesn’t load fully and its components and scripts aren’t instantiated completely.

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I get the white window quite often as well.
I use Task Manager to quit any Zwift processes, then relaunch, and it’s fine.


[quote=“Jesper [ZwiftHacks], post:119, topic:609648, username:Jesper_ZwiftHacks”]
What youd should do instead is to activate the white window and press ctrl-f5 to force a reload of the webpage which it is supposed to show

Exactly, this works for me. A right click on the white page and “reload” also works.

I hope in some update you might do something against those riders doing 7h straight of 2000 Watts topping all time sheets…

If you’ve noticed people doing that then you need to report them.


I did all the steps described and it didn’t work. A white window appears, which disappears after 2 seconds. I don’t even have the option to click the invisible button to launch zwift

Updated to 1.44.2 and encountered some ‘missing roads’ on makuri this morning…:grimacing:. All was ok pre update.

I reported one of such drivers several times…. Not sure if it helped though. Cheating in races seems to be a big problem though from what I’ve heard on reddit…. I think this should be adressed as long as they expect ppl to pay monthly fees

I wouldn’t believe all you read.

There’s no way that somebody holding 2000w in a race would go unnoticed. Yes there are other methods deployed to cheat to one by one these are being countered.

The activity you describe is somebody using a simulator to hold a fast pace for a long time in order to level up quicker. There seems to be a market for people to then sell these accounts to people who can’t be bothered to level up the hard way like the 99% off us here.

Just ignore them as they shouldn’t spoil your experience.


We shouldn’t need to that sort of unbelievable power should auto flagged and stopped.


We shouldn’t need to no but no system is perfect and there will always be ways to defeat the algorithms.

We don’t have any context here as to where this issue was seen. Can’t be in a race for 7hrs.

How do we know it wasn’t auto flagged and the system worked to detect it?

It could have been a Zwift bot doing some testing.

Having a manual reporting option is a bit like having a bugs section on here. Yes Zwift should detect issues before each release but unfortunately they slip through so rely on the community to inform them.


There’s no way to automatically detect most bugs.

It’s trivial to detect sustained ludicrous power outputs.


They already have a feature for this, and it needs some work. It would improve the company’s reputation if it were a bit better. Well worth the effort, trivial or not.


Should be trivial or nearly-so. They already have a system that catches egregious violations, and they have a system that tracks performance at different durations (for cat enforcement), just make the limits for the cheat detectors to be somewhere in the ballpark of human world records instead of motorcycle-tier.

Maybe, maybe not. What’s to say that many bugs are located and fixed before updates are released.

We’d never actually know.

We only see the ones that slip through the net.

If breaking erg and sim modes for huge portions of the user base made it through the net I’d hate to see the ones that get caught.


Windows 10, Play Controllers, 1.44 updated
Did several laps with the RP today and steering was fine other than when I used a drafting power up. For those times only, I was pushed out to the left or right of the group losing the draft. Had to constantly steer back trying to force myself into the pack. As soon as the power up disappeared, all was relaxed and stable again.
No idea whether that was just coincidental, or even whether the power up effect would make a difference (aero, feather etc).

I also haven’t seen that in Watopia. I’m on macOS with Radeon 6600XT GPU.

On the topic of hyper powerful riders doing huge watts for 7 hours, I report them with adequate suppporting info and that’s sometimes sees them disappear shortly after.

It’s interesting when a little old person is doing 480w for 5 hours plus. That stretches credibility. :wink:

Today with the A-grade robopacer on Watopia our fast group of well known riders had no chance on the Volcano, we had to give way to a 3min volcano KOM… :smirk: yeah, about that…

That person surely can join a pro-team.

“Fixed an issue where camera views would continually cycle in an Event paddock after manually selecting a camera view.”

While I appreciate that Zwift has fixed the above issue I think there is still a slight problem with this (at least in iOS, I don’t know if it’s an issue with other versions).

I had noticed before this update that when using the onscreen keyboard to type a message while in the paddock the keyboard would be closed when the camera view was automatically switched. This made typing messages rather difficult as I would need to continually re-open the text box to continue with the message.

With the camera fix in this update I think this behaviour is still manifesting itself even when the camera view has been manually selected and is not cycling. Every 5 seconds or so the onscreen keyboard automatically closes. It seems like the update has fixed the camera cycling bug but not fixed the onscreen keyboard closing when the camera switches bug (even though the camera isn’t switching).

On another matter, the leaderboard after the end of a race is rather difficult to navigate. Every few seconds the leaderboard automatically refocuses the list on my name. If I want to scroll up to see who won I can’t because before I can get to the top of the list the leaderboard has automatically scrolled back down to my name.

This happened to me today. Watopia, Jacques, steering was normal until I used the draft van, for the duration of the power up steering jerked both left and right uncontrollably. As soon as it expired steering was normal again. No issue with aero.