Game Update v 1.45 [August 2023]

@Verde_Espada do you remember if you had used a Draft powerup or any other powerup right before your avatar started to get pushed to the side of the road?

1.45.0 did address some issues with the Play controllers’ initial pairing or re-pairing, but the disconnection in an activity issue is still being addressed. We’ll see more improvements with the next Zwift version and Play firmware updates.

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Cool. Was just checking if it was supposed to be fixed yet. With the power cable they are fine to use everyday.

The random haptic feedback is it actually reconnecting. Mines does it every 30 seconds, you may not have noticed it has disconnected unless you try to do something. So when your ride on bomb has stopped working, if you get a buzz it’ll be working again but you won’t know when it has dropped out again. The solution for now is the have the USB C cable plugged in and charging. Then the right play doesn’t drop out.


So just leave them plugged in all the time?

@Luv2Pedal , @Fabian_1992 , @Ray_Ruyack_Cryo-Gen if you are experiencing it in a large group, the slow-feeling steering is an intentional change to prevent overlapping with other Zwifters. We are taking a closer look at at this and related experiences in this thread: Steering effectively broken in groups [August 2023] [1.44]

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Yeah this is what @Rowdy told me at Zwift support. Does work, not a single drop since having the plugged in.

I kinda thought that might be the case, it is more realistic to me, I actually like it but felt it worth mentioning.

@david_bevilacqua9826 could you share a screenshot of what you are now seeing in-game?

Hi, thanks for getting back to me!

The issue I experimented during Saturday’s race was not the same that I reported earlier in the week.

The first one was related to the Drafting Boost power-up : once activated, the avatar was doing everything possible to stay out of the draft. Going left or right depending of the course situation. When the PU was “consumed”, everything went back to normal.

The second issue, the one experimented Saturday, was not related to Power Up because the race didn’t activated PU (we only got XP bonuses on arches). After 60km of racing, and without any action on my part, the avatar was going permanently on the far left of the road. Only left. Always left. And it kept doing this for 10km, until the end of the race. As soon as I stopped pressing the right button to try and keep my avatar in the draft, it immediately started going back at the far left.

Last update on the phased rollout: Zwift v 1.45 is available to all supported devices.

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I was getting pushed to the left earlier in the race the world’s loch loop when using the draft powrup but was also getting pushed right when in the group

Looks like you have the same problem that one of my club members that i rode with today. In your picture you don’t see the Rear RED Lights on the bike and this will be a problem with showing other notifications.
He is using Zwift Play and he didn’t get Ride ON Bomb notification on screen but it was working.

I don’t know if this is a problem with installation or graphic drivers.
Picture with no notifications on screen from Zwift Play or Turns

This is my picture from same ride today when i joined him on a ride with Yumi.
FYI i save all my pics without Hud but i had it on while riding…and i got all notifications. On my pic you can see all Rear RED Lights on bikes.

Thank you, @david_bevilacqua9826. I’ve shared this with our development team so we can investigate.

Thank you, @Rich . We’re aware of and working to resolve the issue that causes an avatar to get pushed to the side after activating a Draft powerup, which persists even after the powerup has ended. When you were getting pushed to the side when in the group, was that after you had already used the Draft powerup, or before you had activated it?

No more rider shadows? Latest Mac iOS, latest update. MacBook Pro M2.

Thanks For the updates!!

Same with me, David.

The points between levels definitely needs to escalate from level to level. It does and then it doesn’t. It’s a way to get around no making new levels all the time. Leave levels 1-20. But to get to 21, 10k. 22, 11k. 23, 12k…… launch a rebalance with a new level unlock to say 100. Long carrot game. There’s lots of fun ways to earn XP as well they could gamify (monthly missions, monthly races, etc). Doesn’t have to be huge XP but enough to chase and keep people going.

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