Game Update - November 23rd, 2020

Agreed - still there. Though I dont do many workouts unless they are on the flats now because of this. But for a laugh, last night I did a custom workout with recovery ride power around volcano - I blindfolded myself and had my daughter note every time I said it got easy/hard - I picked every ascent and descent higher than 3%. over 10 laps. Reckon AdZ will be good for a PR today :rofl:

Agree. Seen multiple reports of:

  • Extremely low frame rates (single digits).
  • Inexplicably capped frame rates in windowed mode.
  • Various graphical anomalies including black squares everywhere, riderless bikes etc.
  • Unexpected crashing.
  • Obnoxious stutter in and out of events.

All newly observed on this update with all manner of PC hardware, from integrated graphics to high end RTX graphics cards. Something isn’t right.


Are you using a keyboard (like from Dell) that has alternate “functions” for the Function keys? For example, on my Dell keypad, the default “function” relates to multimedia. The F10 image snapshot would only work correctly when I used it in combination with the little Fn key (lower left, between Ctrl and Start)…

However, in the case of Dell keyboards, if you press and hold this Fn key while simultaneously pressing the Esc (Escape) key, the function keys are remapped. Doing this now creates image captures by pressing the F10 key alone.


Should be able to switch that behaviour permanently in the BIOS. :+1:

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Quite correct and that IS an available option. However, for the sake of keeping things simple, and for those that are understandably reluctant to tamper with BIOS settings, I stayed away from that solution in my description. Remapping the Function keys in the way that I described, I should mention, changes all the Function keys, not just the F10 button. In my case, this helped me. For example, previously, I needed to press Fn-F11 to enlarge a window to full screen. But having applied the “fix” I described above, (Fn-Esc), I now do not need to use a dual key combination. Easy-peasy. But YES, these functions ARE configurable in my (Dell) BIOS settings for those that are comfortable making such changes. Thanks!

PS (edit): if you do not like the results of the “fix” (pressing Fn+Esc) described above, pressing and holding the Fn key while tapping the Esc key again will revert the Function key “functionality” back to the previous state. Think of it as an on/off switch. This will facilitate, for example, switching before a Zwift session, then perhaps switching the keyboard functionality back after riding.

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The problem people are commenting on is not that the F10 key not working, it is - it is that photos are being taken and left in the correct folder but arent being uploaded even when you select them at the save screen.

I have a windows 10 machine about 5 yrs old. Integrated graphics & old i5. No issues. This update is not the ****show you describe.

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First group ride since the update yesterday, beacon sometimes on, sometimes off, fence not working, 90 riders suddenly disappeared beyond the fence. I get the feeling that Zwift has lost control of the code and can’t debug to figure out issues as they arise. Also might be the explanation why such basic stuff re the interface has not been touched for months or years.

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It sounds like either your trainer is still paired to another app, instead of Zwift, or that it is not connected as ‘controllable’. Have you checked this, by chance?

Definitely connected as controllable. Otherwise it wouldn’t eventually increase/decrease resistance. Like I said, I’m not the only one with this issue and it’s a relatively NEW issue for me. I’ve looked at my Zwift logs and they’re full of errors.

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Two sessions crashed today - both at timestamp 30:09.

Reading this forum, I’m shaking my head at what seem to be Zwift employees suggesting things like “well, upload your workout manually” …

You are charging people money for a service. You have damaged the service. In many places, this would leave you open to people contesting their bill.

Is there an adult in charge somewhere?


Bizarrely, the VERY same thing happened to me today AFTER having implemented my wise-alec “fix” on the keyboard. Previously, when I took snapshots from the Companion or from Windows (using Fn+F10) the photos uploaded to Strava correctly. Today, the photos appeared at the ride conclusion… I made the appropriate selections, and NONE were deposited with Strava! Yikes. Must I now reset my keyboard and resort to using a two-handed keystroke combination (difficult at best whilst cycling!)???

Incidentally, my photos only randomly appear in the Zwift screenshots on

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Exact same issue here, but also all the people are naked.


Not sure if you meant me suggesting someone could upload a workout manually.

I am not employed by Zwift, was just trying to help.

I apologize - I thought you were a Zwift employee. I am truly sorry - just very frustrated with a days-long issue and getting no response from the company.

No worries, I feel your pain.

Work arounds shouldn’t be needed but sometimes they are better than nothing.

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Guys we’ve found all the missing F10 screenshots! After the lavender was harvested Zwift sent them all to a field in France. Check out this photo from the latest Zwift Insider Post.


You are missing 2 of mine.

I was getting poor graphics and black squares in Windows 7. Upgraded to Windows 10 for free, as suggested, and it all seems to work OK. Thanks for the input, everyone.

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I suppose that inmates can get accustomed to any prison - but I’m still feeling slightly shocked at how ‘shoestring’ this company is given their high public profile. It wasn’t very difficult for me to try out a competitor yesterday, and it was comically superior in every way - except for the user community.

At what point does Zwift “adapt or die?” I suppose when they get a competitor who experiences the same rate of growth as they have - probably late 2021.