Game Update - December 17th, 2020

Nice additions :biking_man:t2::+1:

The update I would love to see is to allow access to the settings without first starting a ride.


Perfect, i just returned the sterzo 2 days ago because i couldn’t get it to work and the zwift support didnt really help at all :sleeping:


F10 works great for me. I’ve literally used it to take thousands of shots in the past few months. I take a lot of screenshots! Uploads to Strava work fine too. On both of my Windows 10 boxes.

Thank you. Always nice to have new roads.

The updates for IOS are not available yet, don’t know what you downloaded.

Thanks for the Christmas present Zwift! Really AppleTalk the work you do

It’s unfair if it works for you, Eric. :wink:
The problem I’ve had for months is that all screenshots are shown in the list but Zwift seemingly exits after processing only the first. Even then it looks like I only ever get the automatically taken screenshot (at 34 minutes) added to my activities.


Just installed the update, tried the serpentine 8 loop, right away my trainer resistance was erratic going up and down, as well as my cadence on the screen, I’ve got a tacx bushido, never had this issue until now, don’t know if it’s my trainer or the update?

Likewise, given up trying F10 and just use the companion app for my screenshots. At least I know it is not just me. Thought it might be my Wi-Fi but even with LAN cable I was having the same thing. Need to re-test… Thought that maybe it was something to do with the Logitech K800 keyboard and needing to press the function button to “hit” F10… Easier to just tap the app :camera_flash:


Lots of talk this year about lack of development due to focusing on new users and the onboarding experience. Has anyone actually got a clue what this means because we’ve seen very little for like 12 months now.


Great! New roads to burn all that over indulging I am bound to do!

Thank you Zwift.
Merry Christmas, and have a wonderful New Year!

I wish they focus on fixing Zwiftpower metrics and fit files instead. It no fun to race when you don’t get the numbers. Also there is no chance to have the correct category when ZP doesn’t get the numbers.


Yes it is a Zwift issue and support also told me that - many months ago.
I prefer less bugs and better user experience over new routes.


Thank you for the new routes and the bug fixes this will definitely help (go Zwift):smiley::+1:

A Paris-Brest-Paris route with badges (perhaps for each route
segment between Controls) would be totally awesome. Something to think about for another release, perhaps? Thanks so much for the update.

Zase to moc nechval. Delaji jen to co se jim chce a na zbytek víš co.

F10 takes shot but will not upload to Strava. Have to take shots using companion app.

a 4km update in about 18 months (desert expansion was released in april 2019 i remember…maybe may) for the main world…


Nothing new on Meetup Race ? Usless when you cant get all participants to starts at once and have same Finnishline