Game Update - August 6th, 2020

Great update! Lots of experiment with. :heart_eyes:

You’ll find some additional details on some of these new/updated features here:


the android version also says it improved graphics for mali gpus

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My IPad still says 1.0.54375 not 77. Is that correct?

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Big update which adds a lot of things that users have been requesting. Well done to all team at Zwift.


As mentioned, the iOS and TV OS updates take a while longer, as they have to go through the Apple verification process. So perhaps it will take longer. The version I am downloading now, though, is also 75, so perhaps the PC and Apple version numbers are different.

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@Bob_Gorman_Splunk_ra @Nigel_Tufnel

See versions here: What are the latest Zwift Game and Zwift Companion app version numbers?

They are different this time.


Thanks, Dave! Looks like there must be a ZC update coming soon, also, then, since Wes mentioned 3.17 is needed for meetups in France and Paris.

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I downloaded iOS version 1.0.54375 which includes the latest steering, fence, etc., updates about 30min ago here in Taipei, Taiwan.

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Yup, early next week according to Eric’s article.

Return of the Fence


yay fence!

Do we know when 3.17 will be available? I have a meetup race tomorrow, and it would be great to run this in Paris if possible!


Any word on whether meetup race results will be recorded on zwiftpower?


Did you fix the crashing issue on start up for MacOS? I still keep crashing on start up to get prompt to reopen and everything is up to date.

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I wonder if it will work with Tacx BlackTrack T2420 steering frame. I’ll check it out later :sunglasses:


I doubt that since Zwiftpower doesn’t have knowledge of all meetup events. But maybe I am wrong.

Intresting update, thanks Zwift!

I’m interested to know how or what device is going to be made available for Zwifters who have the Kickr Climb device. The device available does not appear to be Climb friendly…


Great update!

Looking forward to getting back to France!

Also, only month now until the big UI update drops! Bring on the September update!!

Looks like a great update !! Well done HQ!
Ordered the steering block as well…looking forward to test this out