Game Update 1.65 [May 2024]

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Where are you seeing this? In the Zwift Companion app, the main game app, or the Zwift web page?

Press release says summer.

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Hi. Everyone I start a ride it says I have reached my weekly goal which I never have. Do you know why?

That issue is discussed over here:

The companion world calendar never worked for me neither. Atm the calendar says Makuri/New York, but ingame it is France/Paris.

Been like this for a long time. World Schedule originally wrong by a day both in ZCA and in game. Thought it then got fixed but still wrong in Companion App.

Today 16th May: Worlds Active

World Schedule shows:

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Thank you for responding. The calendar in question is on the companion app. For instance, for today May 16th, the calendar says Makuri Island and NYC but todays active worlds are France and Paris.

I also have this issue too in Android.

When will we get better graphics, 24 hour clock, and video screenshots on Android Tablet? I have a Samsung Tab S9+ that can handle gaming really well.

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Omg Velodrome is an awesome idea!

It is being worked on Eric min ‘leaked’ a pic a free months ago

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Random KOM, Sprint and other sector information for routes other than that being ridden are showing up in box at LHS of screen. Running Zwift on Apple TV. Only started after latest update.

Post is from February.
Both screenshots are from companion app.

Velodrome. You are pulling our leg, right? How would Zwift ever be able to model an experience that is anything like riding on a track?

Cool. BT disconnected after 30 mins here. No signal. Could reconnect but always dropped immediately. Updated to 1.65 before.

There are two suns in Urukazi, plus the ugly, ill-conceived, and bug-causing basic shadows are still in place. @shooj


Then we’re talking about the same thing. That’s scheduled to be fixed in the next Companion release v 3.58.

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Richmond as most of eastern Virginia is right at sea level. A little rain floods every thing