Game Update 1.62 [April 2024]

Hello Zwifters!

Phased rollout of game version 1.62 begins today to Windows / macOS devices. iOS and tvOS devices will begin receiving the update tomorrow. Android rollout is pending Google review.

  • Confetti socks unlock added for Level 100 :tada:. In Zwift game version 1.62, Level 100 Zwifters will receive a special new item, Confetti Socks, during their next activity upon receiving XP. Confetti Socks can be equipped from the Garage, and when worn, any Ride Ons you give will shower your recipients with celebratory confetti.
    As a Confetti Ride On recipient, you’ll receive +2 XP as a bonus and unlock a new achievement.

  • Click, Click, Click! Added a new virtual shifting sound effect.

  • Weekly ride streak XP bonuses are now only granted for the first ride of each week, instead of the first two. Check out this post for more information about this change, as well as other upcoming changes to Zwift cycling levels.

  • The Ride Streak screen is now only shown when you start a new streak, or when your streak increases to a new week.

  • Current cycling level and XP remaining until the next level are now shown in the Ride Report.

  • Improved the look of tiles on the edges of the home screen.

  • Added missing workout localization to the HUD and Workout dashboard in the Zwift game.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause a yellow line to appear across the roadway when using 2015 (and earlier) Mac devices.

Apple TV:

  • Fixed an issue that could potentially cause users to be logged out or reset their game settings after an update.

UPDATE April 3

  • Windows / macOS phased rollout resumed.
  • iOS and tvOS phased rollout has begun.
  • Android is still pending Google final review..
  • Android has begun phased rollout.

UPDATE April 4

  • Game version 1.62 rollout to all OS platforms is complete except for Android.
  • Android rollout will continue in stages to completion through today.
    UPDATE: Android phased rollout is complete. This concludes rollout of game version 1.62.0.

Do you have any questions or issues to report? Let us know below!


Have the basic-shadows-on-ultra-profile been removed, or is that going to be in 1.63?


I don’t recall hearing anything about it being removed ever

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Still there.

Surely it’s in the works to be removed as quickly as possible since literally nobody except the intern thought it was a good idea.


John Mayfield is an intern now??? :laughing:

Yay for confetti socks! Though under the upcoming change to the XP system it will be forever before I earn them :frowning:


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No progress on the various coloured squares?

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Confetti socks look fun, would like to see what it looks like during a ride-on bomb where 5 folks are all getting confetti’d at the same time :wink:

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Zwift Insider’s notes on this update: Zwift Update Version 1.62 (128160) Released | Zwift Insider

Looking forward to updating and giving lots of confetti ride ons. So glad I reached Level 100 last Tuesday.

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I’m concerned that confetti socks might deploy confetti just as someone else’s fire socks activate. We don’t want to burn Glasgow down. Are the buildings on the Clyde kicker well insured?


A non XP issue.

Today, I did Big Spin B ride in Paris at 17:15 cst and completed ride and workout.
As I was exiting, I was changing the name of the ride to my work out name and when the curser reached the far left of the field, the Zwift program closed.
Nothing was sent to Strava ,ZCA or

When I logged back in, the game version was 1.62 even though I never saw the update screen.

Not sure if I did the ride in version 1.61 or 1.62.
I’m on Windows 10, i3-7100 potato.

I provided some additional clarification on this here: Streak and XP Leveling Adjustments [April 2024] - #77

On Android, how long can I continue to use v1.61 and not upgrade? :wink:

godly update, up there with the fire socks. I’m looking forward to DDOSing everyone racing on PC hardware released prior to 2022 with repeated confetti explosions


Drop several cogs :heavy_check_mark:
Engage quads :heavy_check_mark:
Deploy Aero PU :heavy_check_mark:
Detonate confetti bomb :heavy_check_mark:
Ride to victory :heavy_check_mark: