Game Update 1.59 [February 2024]

Hello @Marten_K
Can you describe the symptoms in a little more detail? Do all devices disconnect all at once? One at a time?

I have heard a lot of concern about the Apple Watch heart rate monitor issues, but it is not just Apple. My Garmin Fenix7 is no longer working either. It says it is paired then just carries a fixed number and doesn’t change with the ride.

It’s usually one at a time. More often the Kickr than the Tickr. But on two ride attempts now I ended up in a situation where no device was connected in the end and zwift also did not find them anymore when searching in the menu. Restart of zwift did not help, restarting the Mac allowed it to find the devices again, only to end up in the same situation again. When connecting via network, at least the kickr could be reconnected, but did not provide any data (neither power nor cadence).
I had another training app running on my phone to control the kickr during the workout and it was able to gather data via Bluetooth throughout the whole ride without issues, so I think one can eliminate the Kickr and Tickr as causes. The same setup was in use many times before without problems.

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I had this 4 days ago, on companion APP only had 3 icon, change view, reactions, screenshot

How did you solve the problem?

@Philip_Trigg_GoodGym and @Frits_van_Gemeren

Are you talking about the ERG on/off switch in the Companion app, or the main app?

Both. No ERG mode button when selecting my training workout, no erg in the main game menu, and no erg in the companion app training menu

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Have you tried restarting the watch? Not exactly the same problem you have, but I recently noticed my Epix Pro 2 stopped receiving notifications from my iPhone. I shutdown and restarted the watch and it fixed the problem. Somehow the watch got itself into a bad state and needed a fresh restart.

The upshot of this is the Garmin firmware is not perfect, but I got lucky and a reboot kickstarted it again.

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Yes. I have tried that. I also unpaired it and paired it again.

There is definitely an increase in the longer time allowed to re-join a RoboPacer ride if you drop out of the drops multiplier zone, but if you ride outside the normal range, the distance in the alert message and in the box at the bottom of the screen are no longer the same. (I think the distance at the bottom of the screen is the correct one.) Example image attached

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But Nice when you are sprinting and don’t loose the multiplier everytime . :wink:

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That’s always been the case. The top number is the distance to the multiplier zone and the bottom is the distance to the actual RoboPacer.

To clarify: this is not your normal practice, but something you did today to troubleshoot, yes? If your devices are paired to the other app - that will cause Bluetooth disruptions, but I expect you’d know that.

I have had drop outs midway through riding lately.
My internet seems to be working fine as I have no interruptions to my other systems (like Spotify and things like that)
I get dropped from group rides ect.
Iv had to quit rides before.

Is anyone else having issues with that as well?

My Apple Ultra Watch 1and iPhone 13 Pro refuses to talk to one another since the last update. Restarted both iOS and WatchOS app’s. Completely rebooted each device (watch & phone). Sometimes the watch will say pairing but the PC won’r register its existence. Very annoying when racing as I completely lose my HR figures on ZwiftPower which could nullify my race efforts with some race stewards…

I am used to some faffing to get my watch to talk to the Companion app. However, this time round, zero success on two recent races #demented. Please help !

I know, but it’s a much bigger difference in this update.

Hello @I_Want_Fresh_Air welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I looked at your server logs, and in your case - see an iPad and an iPhone logged into the game simulatenously. Don’t do that - in fact - uninstall the main Zwift app from whichever is not your main Zwift computer.

When you end a session - always log out properly with a save-and-exit (or trash and exit). If you simply swipe the app into the background, the server doesn’t get an affirmative signal that you’ve logged out and your session might stay open.

Oh so my phone sometimes disrupts my signal, is that basically what is happening?

Racing in wrtl team time trial for World Bicycle Relief, 11:30am MST today, Greater London loop, and noticed white player/avatar outline randomly appearing in out team members…be nice effect if one could control the outline of one’s own avatar in a group