Game Update 1.52 [November 2023]

Q: When will Zwift Racing Score be available?

A: Following a successful test this summer, we are targeting late November.

1.53 due out today, late November he says hopefully :pray:

There was a reply on Facebook by James Bailey last week: Zwift Racers | Facebook




thanks I knew I saw it somewhere - been searching on here for it. :man_facepalming:

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since this last update can’t use the latest Garmin HRM Plus with Apple TV 2022,the HRM sensor is connected to Zwift but says “no signal” and shows no readings,this when “pairing via phone” until yesterday it has worked well but today no readings again,when zwifting via a PC i3 win11 no problems at all,it would be nice to receive some feed back on this issue,many thanks.

strange that stuff gets posted to fakebook before it gets posted to the official forum

James has been MIA in the forums for months, he got sick of us :grin:

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And Jon abandoned the company forum in favor of Reddit

Currently seemed borked, no names showing no pace partners and everyone is in orange kit

Lots of people saying the same thing

Have you had any joy with this? ERG has become unusable on the Wattbike.

I had the same problem. Yesterday, I deleted the app (on Mac) twice and a third time today, and it finally works after the third re-install.