Game Update 1.53 [November 2023]

Hello Zwifters!

  • Now that the Tour of Watopia has concluded, routes on The Southern Coast of Watopia are restricted to Zwifters at level 10 or higher, for both cyclists and runners. Zwifters (both cyclists and runners) who aren’t yet at level 10 can still enjoy the new roads by joining an event taking place on the Southern Coast, or by using the “Ride With” feature to join a Zwifter at level 10+ who is riding those routes.
  • Improved visibility of sprint markers on the Shorelines and Summits route.
  • Resolved an issue on the Going Coastal route that made the horizon appear to flicker.
  • Performance improvements to Watopia’s Southern Coast to provide a better cycling and running experience.
  • In Workout details, replaced Stress Point (SP) with Training Stress Score (TSS®). The number value will remain the same. TSS® is a registered trademark of TrainingPeaks.
  • Small improvements to the Get Started tutorial design.
  • Added an Achievement Badge for the Repack Rush route.
  • Ensured that the pace line in a running workout graph correctly displays running pace, and not FTP.
  • Ensured that workouts appear in the correct order in training plans.

Apple TV:

  • Fixed a potential crash that could occur when customizing your avatar or equipment in the Garage.


  • Fixed an issue where Workouts could not be edited, copied, or deleted on certain iPads.


  • Fixed an issue where Workouts could not be edited, copied, or deleted on Android tablets.

UPDATE November 21
We have rolled back version 1.53.0 to v 1.52.x while we investigate a game-breaking issue preventing Zwift Click from pairing. See this thread for details.

  • We have have found a fix and are now testing.
  • We’ll resume the release next week after the US Thanksgiving holiday.

UPDATE November 27
v 1.53.2
Fixed a pairing issue for Zwift Click controller.

UPDATE November 28

  • Phased rollout of iOS / tvOS begins today.
  • Phased rollout to Windows / macOS / Android continues.

UPDATE November 29

  • Phased rollout is complete to all OS platforms

If you have questions or notice issues, please let us know in this thread.


Made a quick video recalling the game release for those interested. Feel free to check it out: Zwift Update November 1.53 // All The Details


any update on the racing score? going up against guys who can do 4.5wkg for 20min in B is getting a bit frustrating when you are at the lower end of cat B

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You already know the answer from the 1.52 thread.

was hoping for an official reply on here is all

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No official update on Racing Score at this time.

fair enough

7800XT for Ultra profile this update?


ahhh quite sneaky :sweat_smile:
And urgently I have a real need for streering :joy:
I saw somewhere that also third party controllers are supported.
Any recommendations of budget option, anyone?

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While what Shuji said is true: we have nothing official right now for announcements, I can say that we’re making good progress and have been since September.

We’ve been validating scores against a series of criteria, with each successive iteration we make driving toward our first goal of getting it to the public’s hands to test. We have scores in hand today, they’re just not yet to where they need to be to do testing that’s worthwhile (for you as a Zwifter to have a good experience and for us to have good enough feedback).

For now, no concrete timeline for testing and release, but I’m really happy with the progress we’ve made and hopeful for the future.


Evo CC have been running Repack Rush super sprint races for a few weeks, that don’t require you to have a steering device, albeit you will hit “slow down pads” and be unlikely to keep up with those using their steering decently.

Next one I can see by them is Sunday 2030 GMT ZwiftPower - Login

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Second-hand Sterzo?

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Any update on Wattbike atom gearing so people can complete Zwift academy as prescribed?

Well, I found relatively cheap new Strerzo (55€) and I was missing front “stand” anyway…

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Got a new Sterzo Smart for 39,99€ a few days ago at one of the major German online bike part shops (not sure if I am allowed to post the name as this might be considered illegal marketing). Not really budget, but surely well below the regular price. They still have plenty on stock. And chances are good that other stores might sell discounted units during the Black Friday frenzy as well.

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Dang… I was too eager too get mine :sweat_smile:
But I don’t see it as a marketing if you mention the name of that. There might be others not as hasty as me. Give them a change to save money :+1:t2::blush:

Zwift Insider update notes (including a few things not mentioned in the official release notes): Zwift Update Version 1.53 (122567) Released | Zwift Insider


:grinning: The quicker you buy, the earlier the fun starts :wink:. So let’s unveil the secret, it’s bike24.

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Have you broke pace partners off the Home Screen?

No icons or clickable options in the 24/7 rides segment.

(Excuse the photo)

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