Game Update 1.39 [May 2023]

Just turn off the unwanted and not in use controllable trainer and you are fine.

I’d just like to second Ronald’s sentiment on this one.

It’s the simple things that make or break the Zwift experience for me and, this, is a backwards step. Previously, I could just hit the menu button on my remote and I was immediately transitioned to the pause screen. Now, it’s just a lot of pfaff, and the on-screen menu button doesn’t work well, I even have trouble scrolling to the menu button with my remote.

Frankly, it’s things like this that make me question why I continue with my subscription. Fancy graphics and new worlds don’t cut it for me if the overall user experience is a pain in the ■■■■.


Makuri remains completely unrideable for me (2021 M1 Macbook Pro, latest Ventura). I just have to avoid that world entirely. Anyone else getting this effect?

I was riding makuri this morning (windows 10 potato of a PC!) and was fine for me.

Is it possible to turn off the steering with Kickr Bike? It’s a complete faff trying to stay in the draft!


It’s in use, just not by me. And would take more time than just telling Zwift which trainer to use as controllable.

“Just have everyone need to mess around with equipment every time they use Zwift to make things work” is a bad suggestion.


I have been having a similar issue on my android devices since the update. My Polar bluetooth footpod is no longer recognised by my android devices (I recently updagraded phone so I was able to check on two devices). I know the footpod is still working as it was able to pair successfully with my Ipad and Laptop on the zwift app. I generally don’t take my ipad to the gym so I rely on my phone while running on a treadmill using zwift.

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I raced this morning (no power ups) and the event turned out as a group ride despite being created as a race and having Race: at the start of the activity named after. Did 1.39 break the event or was it caused by the power up changes?

Knowing which event you did is helpful.

What about Steering for Stages SB20 Bike?


Chasing Tour. Both events that have run this morning had the same issue. Ranking points in ZP but no position in the ride, no scoreboard, etc.

I think this is an event config issue rather than a bug. “showplacements” and “show race results” was not turned on.

I’ll let the event owner know.


And problems with bluetooth connectivity with the Zwift run pod (ATV4). I posted separately but including it here also on this thread since it just started happening post-release.

This has always happened to me with steering enabled, and it’s especially noticeable in small groups (1-5 riders). Try to steer yourself into the draft directly behind another rider… you can’t. It either moves you out of the way (usually to the right) or moves the lead rider off their line. I can try to get a video of it, but it sounds like the same issue several others in this thread are reporting.

A few hours ago I rode in Watopia and the rain and dust was glitchy.
While it was raining in watopia the raindrops were much brighter for few seconds then back to normal and so on.
People joked in the in-game chat if it was a hailstorm…

Similar happened to the dust on gravel.
The dust was barely noticable most of the time and kind of flashed for a few seconds to a huge dust cloud and then back to normal.

Windows 11
Ultra graphics

Yup, continually having this issue today

I have had this happen as well (Sunday morning with Yumi). I use a Sterzo Smart, but, since the option to calibrate/zero the angle of the Sterzo before the ride was removed, I just assumed that my sterzo was miscalibrated to +1 or -1 and that was what was causing me to move to the side (my bars/wheel looked straight to me, but I could be slightly lopsided).

This isn’t just getting pushed to the side of the pack, this is getting pushed past the side of the pack so that there is a gap (maybe a “lane” or a couple of rider widths) between me and the pack.

Yes, I typically get pushed to the outside of the pack too without steering and can never figure out why or how to get back into the middle, but this is a different phenomenon.

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@shooj, @James_Zwift, @DavidP could you perhaps add a known issues/bugs section to the main post so it’s easier for everyone to see what has been acknowledged by the team? It seems there’s a lot of noise of folks posting about what might be the same issues and asking if/when they will be fixed.


Just do a group ride with a pace partner - if somebody else has steering on you get pushed out.

I though i was crazy so i counted how many times it was report in this thread alone, it was 7 - 9 times, i don’t understand why folks are saying they are not aware. Am i just missing something