Game Update 1.33 [January 2023]

Lots of great research there.

Is there more than one holoreplay spawn per segment?

Or maybe…

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Hi, from the last update I have an issue, when I finished Everest Challenge. There was all the time pop up screen appear You unlocked Trek Emonda…
Is this bug now solved?
Regards, Sandi

Why though? Zwift always does this, and it feels like it’s just out of spite or some forgotten reason that was once valid. What’s the point of bringing out a new world and not actually let people ride it as they want? All it does is frustrate people for no discernible reason whatsoever.


Maybe it’s a sort of a beta test? Much easier to just cancel some events if it turns out not to be ready for prime time…

Yes, this was reported fixed with the 1.32.1 update in December.

If you have that update it should already have been fixed. If you find it’s still happening after updating to 1.33 I think you’ll need to start a new bug thread as the old one is now closed.


I’m getting best and most recent holoreplays now, haven’t changed any settings and it is still set to just best

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Tony, same here but with a tacx neo and windows. I have reported to an ambassador and told to reinstall zwift and calibrate my turbo. I have reinstalled with no joy and don’t think I can calibrate my neo on zwift. Who cares about holoreplays when the basic features no longer work.


Not sure you can say they’ve learned their lesson if you have to lock them to a trainer to make them wait.


You can’t.

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This was very inconsistent for me - sometimes i had one, sometimes two.

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Couple questions:

  1. Was auto-braking on rides, when less than 10 watts is being exerted, removed? I thought it was going to be.

  2. Apologies if this is old news, but is this “Power Estimation Mode” section in settings new? FWIW, it doesn’t seem selectable – can’t pick one or the other (Classic vs zPower).


On android app using ant+ with saris h3 on a 5min test race event…

trainer difficulty works for me (was at ~25% before and after update)
drops work for me
don’t think I got 20xp every 1Km

At least that will give plenty of time for ZwiftGPS maps to be updated. . .

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Even in the iPhone companion app, please display the power on the screen in color like Android.

A post was merged into an existing topic: Trainer Simulation does not work neither ERG mode

I had several crashes when starting the app on notebooks after this update, before the blue screen with the recommendations (windows 10)

Not working with MacOS Catalina!! ruining my morning thanks Zwift


A-ok with Apple TV and Neo 2T (Bluetooth direct pairing).

Good agreement between Neo 2T as primary power source/controllable and Assioma pedals as a secondary power meter (via ANT+ to Garmin Edge 500) during an ERG-based workout.

Not noticed anything untoward yet :+1:

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