Game Update 1.30 [October 2022]

I totally agree. The white on yellow is difficult to see.


Still hard to believe the ride with friends feature is not back. Very disappointing.

the last line of this may be of interest to you

Are there any plans to implement the ‘ride with a friend’ feature to the new UI? I was quite fond of that one in the old UI.

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Been seeing this weird clipping issue on the back of avatar’s heads for a few weeks now. Seems to affect certain kits I think, or maybe combinations of head gear etc. Anyway it can be seen in the default camera view and is a bit annoying. Streamja - Simple video sharing

See here: Join a Zwifter - Feature Plans [September 2022]

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No. Not possible.

Time BeiJing

Hi, will they fix the pace partner drops bug that stop at 2X instead of 2.5X ?

I am new and only ride with pace partner. I want to know if they generally fix their mistake fast or not in this game.


Drops multiplier stays at 2x Yesterday evening for me :
Pace Partner Ride: Tempus Fugit in Watopia with Jacques

See RoboPacer Drops Multiplier maxed out at 2.0x [1.30] [October 2022]

Hi AppleTV users- please update at your earliest convenience.


I’m experiencing really jittery power output in a workout, using ERG mode. The figures keep jumping up and down up to 50W at the time, either commanding to drop power or to increase.

Comparison of similar workouts, just a week apart. See the spikes.

Last week’s. ERG holding the power constant.

Using a macOS app. v1.1.2. Game v1.0.105539. Logs show [13:51:11 2022-10-25] Patcher: Patcher Version Number: “1.3.1”.

A couple of issues I’ve seen since this update, aside from the flashing shadows thing documented elsewhere.

  1. Twice now I’ve had the ‘Connection disconnected’ banner come on screen in events, despite there being no loss of data - all other riders still there, music streaming uninterrupted etc. No apparent issues whosoever but Zwift is telling me I’m offline? I must have only had this message pop up once or twice since it was introduced, now two in two rides. There were no UDP or TCP disconnects recorded in the log file tonight according to Zwiftalizer, so I don’t understand what set the warning off.

  2. Graphics in the distance seem to pop up more noticeably. On my race in Yorkshire tonight, there was literally nothing in the distance out of the pens and turning left (down to the Zwift pub). It all then appeared in one go. Again, never seen this before. Then in Richmond some of the buildings seemed to pop up quite badly. This one might be ‘normal’, they Yorkshire one definitely wasn’t. Maybe they’re new/updated assets.


What trainer are you using? that second one has to have some kind of power smoothing switched on

Hey Chris, you’re right. I solved the issue last night. It’s the ERG smoothing in the Wahoo app that did it. Thanks.

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Has there been an update to how the ‘0’ numpad camera functions? It’s realllllllyyyy slow to navigate today, which makes it pretty useless. It used to be pretty good for looking around.

It’s been like that for a while: Drone camera is broken

@Dave_ZPCMR Weirdly it’s new to me, I’ve used the camera successfully in the last week, but it seems mine is affected by the bug now too. I’m not sure how that can happen, but seems to be the case.