Game Update 1.26 [June 2022]

That fix didn’t make it into the 1.26.0 release. I also updated the dedicated thread on that bug.

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Only new thing I’ve noticed so far was you can now choose a club to share your ride with when saving said ride.

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Two* new bikes, two caps and some running shoes.

*Other two were already in, but now live.

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Also, whoever Jenkins is has left their GitHub workout stuff in there.

Some sort of new on-screen notification for setting a PR.

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There are four new bikes in the Drop Shop! A little slow on getting that posted, sorry!


I would love to have a scale with the numbers for the percentage on the difficulty slider in my settings. Or at least some markings for each 10%. As it is now without any indicators on it at all you never know if you hit the 50% again after moving it away. Also harder to hit smaller adjustments correct the same way without the numbers to show where you are. Please :sunglasses:


Couple of workarounds possible for that.

  1. Manually set it in prefs.xml.
  2. Delete prefs.xml which will set it back to exactly 50%, but requires your other settings to be changed again.

Would be an improvement though. :+1:


Not sure if this is new but the small palm trees in Downtown are hopping from side to side in an awkwardly jarring fashion on Basic. It’s fine on Ultra with them swaying in the wind.

Big white box if you’re not in any.

Any new roads in the pipeline? Its been a long time since.


Italian village

Hoping for New Roads in July for France to coinside with Le Tour Avec Femme.
Maybe more Makuri Island August/ Sept (Habour area & Mt Fuji)
Understand the need for bug splatter updates as a Dev, but as an End User “I like Stuff !”


Hi @shooj,

Is this for ITT’s only or for TTT’s as well?

  • Time Trial event reminders now show time until your personal start time rather than time until the event starts.

Thanks :blush:

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Six Months since first roll out of new Menu Screens and STILL not available for Apple TV
Arghus! &@!#%^+


Apple TV remote controller experience is very corky. Perhaps a better UI dedicated to Apple TV would be the solution.


I always check out what’s new in all releases, looking for one thing only… the fix to make Apple Watch work


Zwift Insider’s notes on the release: Zwift Update Version 1.26.0 (101145) Released | Zwift Insider


See Can you make the trainer difficulty setting in the app show an actual value along with the crappy analog slider and add your vote.