Game Update 1.25 - May 12, 2022

Thanks for your effort and making another update to the game. Will try to reproduce the ERG Mode stuck after workout and report. Workout pain effect, I’ll keep an eye to this how it’s looking now.

Cathy, use the “Companion App” to control the game using the Apple TV. I use the iPhone or iPad and it’s a lot easier to get around the game once you’ve started your session.

It’s a very fiddly controller and is very frustrating everytime I use it… for the last 2 years!

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This update changed the scaling of the home screen for the better, medium now is fine for my 4K 55” TV screen (using macOS).

I missed capturing the worst of this but it was if we had “keep together” on (we didnt) and all bunched up a few times out in the grass. Very similar to what the Kickr bike crowd see on their rides. Only lasted for 10 secs each time then all good.

Discovered a bug :bug: on Wandering Flats Makuri Island when branching to right to go through short gravel section on Wahoo Kickr bike - resistance increases dramatically and bike tilts as replicating going up a gradient. The issue also affects Stages SB20 regarding the resistance increasing this is a direct result of latest update did not occur previously.

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See this thread James …

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Has anyone else noticed a problem with their Everest Challenge Progress? I was close to completing the challenge, which is demonstrated by the graphic, but the stats say I’ve now only completed 8865 of 50000m?! What’s happened?

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Also, why can’t I view my challenge progress from the main screen rather than only from the menu page whilst during a ride?!

Once you have ascended your first everest, you receive a Trek Emonda. Then you move onto the second stage of the challenge, which is to climb 50,000m after which you will receive the Zwift Concept Bike (Tron).

Good luck.


Welcome to the Forums, Nicholas.
That’s where you have won the Trek Emonda (after reaching the height of Everest), but now have to get to 50,000m in order to get the Tron bike! Happy climbing :slight_smile:
Edit: I’m too slow. James beat me to it. :slight_smile:


Yes, please don’t turn off the Makuri pace partners. The scenery and terrain is more interesting and having an alternative reduces the boredom of riding always in watopia.


Oh!! I wasn’t aware the challenge had a second stage - should/could this be clearer?

Either way, thanks for the quick response.

It’s something that has always been that way, but could be explained better.

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Yes I use the companion app on my ipad but touching the screen on the iphone to give a thumbs up to riders on the list i see onscreen is so easy. Also swiping right on that list when I want to hide the rider list is nice. Can’t do either of those on companion app. I don’t want to have to select the “Nearby Rider” list, click on one rider at a time, pull up their profile, hit the ride on button, then go back to give more. This is extremely difficult when trying to reciprocate ride ons while climbing a mountain. :+1:t3:

n00b tax


None of the new workout effect, I’ll try to get one on a ride tonight (unless I end up doing a race).

So few interesting events here for us US East anymore I’ve fallen back to doing workouts.

My biggest complaint is really that it just shoves this whole blurry layer over the entire screen, it messes with my eyes, and on top of that, aliasing gets really bad and things begin to flicker (anything that was straight vertical or horizontal becomes super jagged, and is very obvious)

On top of that it keeps the scanline effect, and the greyscale effect, but doesn’t seem to have the colors through the arches like it used to? Not sure if that’s intended or not.

As said I really liked the old method; it gave you a bit of tunnel vision, but the ability to “see the light [color] at the end of the tunnel”
Now it’s just… One second everything is fine, the next second everything is blurry.

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Just jumped on and the update is stopping me change my bike. Every swap goes back to the Tron. Every time I click on a new bike it also shows random wheels previously not selected too. I hit exit and it puts me back on Tron. Thanks in advance!

See this thread, I believe Zwift is working on a fix: Can't switch bikes in The Garage [1.25.0] [May 2022]


Thanks Oliver!


Did the update but when joining a pacer ride still only had 5 seconds and not the 10 mentioned.