Game Update 1.25 - May 12, 2022

This has been happening to wahoo users for ages and zwift don’t seem to care.
I swapped my kickr17 for a v5 because it was constantly having power issues with zwift.

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This is sometimes related to the firmware version you are using with the Kickr. Can you clarify you are running the latest version?

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Latest V4. 2.8

Did anyone else lose items from their garage when they updated? (couple of jerseys earned recently, Laser Bullet helmet from the Alpe I
got ages ago etc)

I’m not sure about the jerseys, but I seem to recall a thread from a while back saying that the Lazer helmet from the Alpe had changed colors. So, you might still have it, but it may be all white now.

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The black/red Lazer Bullet helmet was overwritten with a white Lazer Vento.

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I am having same issue with tacx
Establish the Bluetooth connections. Start ride then get
Connection failure
Never had any problems previously but now happening 2 nights on the trot

Thank you for adding the new pace partners!

Bluetooth connection failures? or Internet connection failures?

What platform are you on? Windows, iPad, iOS, Android, etc.?

Hi. Apple TV 4K gen 2 running latest updates. Trouble seemed to start with the recent Apple TV update

If it’s Bluetooth issues, not sure what to tell you since I’m also on Apple TV 4K (1st gen). I’ve never had any Bluetooth issues whatsoever. I have always paired my trainer and HRM directly to the AppleTV. You recently move your setup around changing the distance between the Apple TV and trainer or their position relative to each other?

If it’s internet disconnections, check your local network. Move wifi to 5Ghz if available. Try an ethernet cable for testing purposes. Reboot your router and/or wifi equipment.

Aside from updating Zwift, make sure Apple tvOS is updated as well. I think the latest update was about a week ago.

Hi everything worked flawlessly for months. Until the recent Apple TV update. Might reset every connection and see if more resilient
Not changed anything distanced. All within a couple of meters of each other
Other strange items is that it will keep connection my Garmin watch for HR. But drop the ones to the sensors in the tacx ( which is 5 months old). I have Also checked that it’s running Latest firmware too

I always force quit Zwift on the AppleTV after every ride.
You may want to give that a shot.

How about an option to be dropped in 2mins ahead of the pace partner to give some time to warm up and be ready when the group catches you

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Because the speed difference is too high, especially on B and A PP

Thanks Dan. Will try that

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When is Handful of gravel going to be made available to ride? It’s the only one I haven’t yet done as I was injured during ToW?

You can join an event and ride one full lap to get the badge.

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Still no native Linux support :frowning: