Game Update 1.24 - April 13th, 2022

I just bought the Chapter 2 TOA !! And now you downgraded it’s performance. Can I please have my drops back so I can but the scott Addict !

@Lin_Alan just for you :slight_smile:

Oops, I will reprimand Michael for wearing the wrong costume :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like the new update, especially the new 3D World sounds. But the old mining town in Tempus Fugit got somehow either covered in sand or simply just vanished. :sweat_smile:

Just did a systems check. I can confirm that it’s easier to bridge solo to a break of two and get 3rd at a local circuit race than it is to get top 20 in a Zwift “A” race. :joy:


Since I uploaded game update 1.24 my Garmin dual HRM strap keeps dropping out. I’ve found that if I take off my garmin venu 2 plus watch the HRM strap works fine.

This issue only started when I uploaded game upload 1.24, has anybody experienced HRM issues with this release?



Any ideas what the ghost towns and aliens note is referencing?

An entire town in the desert vanished.

I knew it was missing, I guess I didn’t understand the aliens part of it :slight_smile:

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Don’t probe when it comes to aliens man! :alien::rofl:


@Wes Folks would be way less upset with changing the stats of frames if one could “sell” items in their garage to get some percentage of drops back (50% maybe?). Plus it would be really nice to clean out my garage of all the tons of stuff I never use but still have to scroll through. :slight_smile:


As stated earlier I have thought hard about Zwift and all its troubles (adjusting frame speed, bugs, etc.) and concluded I need to pause my subscribtion on Zwift as of the 21th. in order to find a better riding app where we as customers are not screwed over every time ZHQ thinks a frame is climbing to fast or is to aero after they have launched it or finaly fixed a bug.

Would ZHQ compensate us as customers for having bought such a frame there would have been a lot less frustration among customers like me, but no they do nothing at all (IMHO).

Zwift should have been a fun experience, but my frustration is way larger and therefore I am saying goodbye.


Yes - have been having frequent recent issues with Garmin HRM Pro dropping HR by 20-30 BPM recently, but thought could be Garmin firmware update that’s responsible

Agreed, long time Zwifters are finding their garage and closets overflowing with stuff and we need to find a good way to let them clean house. :ride_on:


Maybe there could be a thief and one day you log in and all your bikes are gone!

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Unfortunately u can’t sell garage items… Very disappointing

You probably cant say or know but did zwift have to take mining town off as it was a direct build of the Radiator Springs from the Disney movie Cars. Unlikely but never know.

It’s back now.

Just started to have problems logging into Zwift with Apple TV. On my last attempt (a few hours ago) I was greeted with the comment “Whoa! There was an error logging in with that account!”.

Doing a “reset” of Apple TV fixed the problem today (but I’d rather not have to start doing this before every ride).

Update April 22