G command for Apple TV

I am using Apple TV for Zwift and don’t have a keyboard, how can I activate G: Toggle for Watt/HR graph?

while on a ride, swipe up and then click on the icon with a “graph” on it. You need to do that only once, zwift will remember your choice

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Swipe up on the Apple TV Remote?

indeed, you will get the menu with different options to chose from, like camera position, uturn, etc and that one you are looking for

Thanks so very much

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I don’t have the option on Apple TV menu to Turn G …
If you swipe up on the remote there are only standard options , no G option ??

Swipe up on the remote to bring up the pop-up menu with the standard options. The button you’re looking for doesn’t have a letter “G” on it. It looks like a little graph.

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