[FZR Segment Killer Race - 21 June 2021- Men]

Hi. Is the organizer of the FZR Segment Killer Race in this forum? Did the race for the first time yesterday. A lot of fun.

But I am curious how the guy who got gold in C got all of his points. He came in four minutes behind first and second place and he appears to have gotten very few prime points. Naturally, I’m asking because I think there’s some sort of mistake and I should’ve gotten first place. :wink: (I got 5 firsts on the KOM, and 3 second places, then took second at the finish.)

It appears I can’t post a link, but this was the FZR race yesterday, 6/21/21.


I have seen a few issues with Zwift power in the last few days.

I added the link to your post. :slight_smile:

Thank you!!

Well done in the race!

If you’re seeing a lot of the same issue with races over the course of some time, please let us know what patterns you see. I do my best to be as in the weeds with ZwiftPower as possible, though it does sting a little to admit I’m not as knowledgeable as I’d like to be and can’t be as deep in it as I’d like to be, either.

Sometimes it comes down to settings, sometimes we can reasonably look to hiccups in communication between Zwift and ZwiftPower (that line works on a few levels, believe me), or something else that we may not yet have uncovered.

Community feedback on this type of stuff helps me immensely, since for better or worse right now I’m the main funnel of information to our developers on what needs to be fixed and how severe the impact is for you all.

Thanks for the reply! I’ll definitely let you know if I see any other odd things like this.

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