Funky traffic during TdZ make-up stage?

So I signed up for the 14:45 CET TdZ stage 8 makup GROUP (this is an important word) ride yesterday. It’s the one stage I missed due to injury.

It’s started like any other group ride, except this time the “nearby riders list” remained empty (and it remained empty for the rest of the event. Just me even though there were 180 other riders in the event all arround me. “Weird bug” but ok… not too game breaking.

But then the real annoying part came: as soon as we hit the London Loop lap banner all of a sudden a ton of random (non-event) riders appeared. At first I thought: "Maybe this is Zwift’s way to compensate for the lack of signup’s for these make-up events and to give people the feeling they’re not riding alone. A case could be made for this logic but I’m not fan: mostly because random traffic almost always breaks up any groups because riders get stuck behind random’s every once in a while.

To make things even worse yet: the random riders then at random points just disappeared again. Sometimes for mere seconds, sometimes for minutes at once. So first the random’s break up most of the groups on the road and then the random’s disappeared all together taking ANY remaining draft we still had with them. By the end of the 5th lap of London Classique all 180 riders were strung out in isolation, I don’t think a single group was left.

I’m not sure what happened in this event. Some riders seemed to think this was a new feature that was being tested by Zwift. Myself I’m not to sure but if it is a new feature: PLEASE, stop testing it on mass Tour events and test it in Beta events like you do with new race features.

I had a blast the first 7 stages of the TdZ, my experience yesterday was horrendous…

I don’t think that was a new feature. It was some sort of Zwift glitch.

Yep - same here. I just finished a very lonely 3 laps of Central Park. The occasional rider appeared ahead and disappeared as I drew closer, no riders listed in the left hand column, and finishing data suggesting there were other riders finishing at about my time and speed.

Let’s hope it’s a TdZ catch up glitch.

Sometimes I feel like I’m drafting an invisible rider.
I’ll be on what appears to be a solo ride and my speed just picks up
Will non visible event riders still be draftable?