Riders Nearby TDZ

(Don P) #1

Been riding the TDZ and occasionally I’ll run across a rider that doesn’t show in the Riders Nearby list. Rider is in a TDZ jersey and I can draft off of them, just not listed. I’m new to Zwift so not sure this happens outside of events or not.

Also have seen large groups go flying by that don’t show up on the Riders Nearby list. Didn’t notice as much in stage 3, but very noticeable in stage 1. Are these riders that started at a different time?

Unrelated, but has anyone experienced some glitching in TDZ stage 3 when you come out of the tube? I’ve had a few riders I’m with (not all) either gain or lose like 20 or 30 seconds almost instantaneously at that point. Happened both times I rode stage 3.

(Aaron Zwanzig) #2

In the Tour de Zwift, and probably other group rides as well, you will see riders from all 3 group categories in the world around you, and you will see all their dots in the minimap, but generally only riders from your category will show up in the riders nearby list. Category A riders show up as red dots on your minimap, Cat B is green and Cat C is blue. You likely were seeing someone who had signed up for category B or C, assuming you had signed up for A.

(Don P) #3

Thanks Aaron. Off to the volcano today!