Full custom pen enforcement is here!

Whilst the matchmaking format with ZwiftRacing.app was novel, we found that many riders thought it was awkward to go back to the site after the deadline to get the link to the race. This has been solved, as now race organisers can set up fully customisable pens upfront, and as a soon as a rider signs up they get immediate access to the pen.

The new functionality allows you to set the pen boundaries however you want, using either ranking, Compound Score, 5m w/kg or 20m w/kg. The link will force the user to the correct pen.

Check it out on ZwiftRacing.app. If you are a race organiser and would like to use this functionality, join the discord linked from the website.


Just to add to this, VirtuSlo had a weekend tour series this weekend using just that.

After signing up to Race 1 (Friday night) you go pen allocation. Upon completion you got pen allocation for race 2 and then after 2 for race 3.

Was a great way to divide pens by 5min wkg and made for some great racing with puncheurs and high 20 min riders mixed together. The fact you could only enter the next race after completing the one before stopped anyone new/fresh ripping the field apart which was another great addition.


This is the whole reason of Multiday Stage Racing…to build Fatigue and the winner is ussualy the one with the best recovery.


Did this really work correctly though? I think there were some post-race DQ’s because of unfinished prior stages and maybe in E there was a brand new rider for stage 3, but that’s unconfirmed. I doubt any of it was malicious and it shouldn’t take away from the great ride Beber did in stage 3. Rather, it may have been from equipment/connectivity issues or something. Language barrier meant we weren’t communicating 100% and of course we were all tired.

maybe that explains why I jumped up to 3rd. At least the intention was there.

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My experience with this series was very positive. Thanks to everyone for organizing! To build on what Jamie wrote, this time I was lucky enough to be near the top of my D category 20m power. But next time the line can be drawn somewhere else and someone else will get that experience. And I’ll be back to “hanging on for dear life” like I do in every cat enforced B race normally.

I like how you are experimenting with different ways creating the race pens. This weekend series was based largely on the racer ranking and the weekly GC series you’re using more rider stats like 5m w/kg. It brings different groups of riders together for different experiences that keeps racing fresh.

And the stage race format brought an experience of its own that gave us a sense of camaraderie I had not expected. I saw some amazing sportsmanship across the field.

All in all a great experience. The only thing that would make it better is more riders across the board and maybe even an F category since E was really quite broad. Surely a combination of Zwift limitations and not having a big enough field in E and A.