1. Display FTP on website version of site under profile not just in the application.

  2.  Display FTP per ride


  1. would be good and trivial to do.

  2. makes little sence however. FTP is not a per-ride measure and must be uptained following a specific method, i.e a specific warmup, a quick interval to remove the edge in your legs, then the classic 20min interval to measure it. For a ride the Normalized Power is a better measure of performance. 

  1. would be very usefull.

  2. And please display the complete results (profile of power and heartrate, and average oft power per 5 mintues, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 1hour, …) like it is shown after finishing the test.

I agree with 1 for sure.  Also, all stats from game should be on website too.

I m new to Zwift and I have the exact same questions / comments above. Would make sense to have consistent user experience on all platforms nowadays