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Just wondering how accurate the FTP given on Zwift is? After not going to the gym for 8 months due to Covid decided to buy a Wattbike and joined Zwift in November. Never heard of FTP before. Did mini ramp said which estimated 99W which I think was generous as I was generally averaging 85 on short rides. Gradually increased since to 112 today. How quickly would one expect it to increase? I’m quite pleased but don’t know if I’m deludng myself! For info I’m 63 and 68kg.

Well, good for you for joining us here.
Your ftp is sort of a gauge of settings for workouts.
The 20 minute test is more accurate than the ramp.
Just keep at it and your numbers should continue to grow.
You might read this article: All about FTP

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Zwift is pretty good at estimating your FTP even if you don’t do a test.

It may well be that you’re just getting better at pushing yourself harder. So you’re extracting more from yourself rather than specifically getting fitter super quickly.

This is quite common, but it’s a good thing. It’s usually a nice surprise to find out just how hard you can push yourself, and revealing how your brain can be good at holding you back (telling you that you’re done, when you’re not).

It is said that as you get fitter, and your FTP improves, that it won’t hurt any less, but you will be able to push for longer.

The FTP will improve rapidly initially since that is a function of coordination, muscle memory and familiarity.

True improvements in your cardiovascular capacity will take longer, but they will gradually appear. The process by which you improve, the increased heart and circulation efficiency take time but as steadily as they develop, so they will last for a good period of time.

If you ever meet an ex-pro, you will be astounded how good they still are, because the processes that take time to alter your capacity, produce a lasting effect.

Patience is everything and meanwhile enjoy!


LeMond: “You never stop hurting, you only go faster.” (something like that)… Someone else might have said it first.

I think it was “it never gets easier, you just go faster”


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Same thing in my experience. I’ve done some cycling in my life, but until now never with a power meter - only a head unit, if even that.

In the past few years I’ve ridden very little but I took it up again in November (Zwift). In about 4.5 weeks my FTP went from 171 to 208. Another 2 weeks and I was at 220.

And yeah, it still hurts :smiley: