Front wheel MTB no lockout


Beginner to Zwift here. I’m just looking to get fit. I got a wahoo kickr from a friend and have an old MTB in the shed. My question is the MTB has no lockout feature for the suspension on the front wheel.

I’m wondering has anyone a similar setup?. I know the recommendation is to lock the suspension. Is the result mean damage to the Kickr or is just reduced performance/harder to perform when pushing the pace. Just looking to do training schedules for starters.

Thanks for any replies.

I would imagine that it was mentioned to lock the front suspension to prevent any rotation of the rear axle on the trainer.
Recent versions of the KICKR do rotate on the rear axle, and can be used with the KICKR CLIMB.
If your KICKR is a recent version, you shouldn’t have any issue with the slight rotation due to the front suspension.
See this page to find out if your KICKR is one that can handle rotation at the rear axle.

Thanks for that Dan. It’s a kickr core, so should be fine.

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