Friend Challenge

It is sometimes difficult to ride with friends indoors. My request is to be able to send challenges to your friends and do it when time permits. The challenge could be over a route, a race or even a workout, as you do the challenge you can see your virtual friends (as ghosts) even if they aren’t zwifting at the moment. Also a scoring system could be included.

It would also be cool to be able to send invites to ride with your friends!

Or just community challenges. Like have events where you have 1 week to record your best time over a course etc…

Sounds like a fun idea! I’ve logged the request and will forward it to the appropriate departments. Thank you for writing in. :) 

I’ve started a few challenges. But, you have to get the word out somewhere.

If I had a prize to offer, I could post it on Zwift Insider.

As a challenge only, you could post it on Facebook or Strava.

The easiest way to a challenge (that I know of) is to pick Strava segments and set up that challenge. You can use any ‘starred’ section in your Strava account and any number of stages for a total time. Go to  for info.

So ,here is one I just made, a 3 round challenge on Watopia for the week prior to Zwift Academy.

            Zwift Academy Prequel Challenge 

Or simple challenge another nearby Zwifter.