Frenchy Fuzion race and results based on nationality

Hi, I have been participating in these saturday races and nationality has never been an issue in the results. (1/16/2021

Today everyone else is excluded.

Today, it DQed all non-French, but this is not listed in the description anywhere. Is this a back-end issue or does the organizer need to modify a box to include all?


60 odd people filtered for CTY.

I’d firstly check with organiser to see if thats the new way they intend to run those events - if it is, I would suggest you ask them to modify the Event listing. If its not the intent, they may be able to fix in the backend themselves, or, they should ask Zwiftpower team to address.

Thanks, I did reach out and did not hear back. Do you have an organizer contact I may email?

No I dont. I would try via Facebook either message or post on their feed. They also have a www site but thats all french and cant see a button for translation so I stopped at that point. I note that a FB messager window pops on that too so they look to be active on FB. But failing that, then you can probably only resort to

as the name of the event indicates, it was the French championship, so only the French are admitted in the final classification. That makes sense to me, doesn’t it?

Yes, completely for the results. However, for the overall zwiftpower points, now that the results for the championship have been solidified, can you include non french as we raced and impacted results.

I have raced your races leading up to this and they were counted as we did help the field and splits in the race.

It would be a great help to flip the flag to include us for the overall zwift power points as it was noted last weekend you thought you could do this.