Free Trial


I just got an email stating that I am half way thru the free trial, which makes sense as I managed to pair Zwift with my trainer over bluetooth a few days ago and managed to go for a spin for 30 mins or so. It looks like once you connect and start the ride, the trial starts?

However, I couldn’t get the trainer to behave properly - it felt like I was spinning pedals like a hamster and the cadence was all over the place 300-400 rpm… :smiley: So I went online and ordered an ANT+ dongle, USB cable etc which isn’t going to be here until next week. That’s when I am hoping to go back on Zwift… but, by the looks of things my free trial would have finished by then…

Would Zwift consider changing 7 continous calendar days of free trial into a more first-timer friendly 7 days of actual use?

Thanks for reading!

That stinks! I was lucky as I could not pedal until I bought the Ant+ dongle and I never used a free day until then.

For the record, Zwift is great. Bad thing is there are so many ways to connect that issues may exist. Forgive me, but I don’t see how you are connecting. That is pretty important when troubles shooting.

If you have not done a spin down, it is pretty important.

You can contact Zwift support and see if they will extend your free trail, they have done on many occasions: