New rider, free trial

I am liking the zwift system but finding it very difficult to navigate as a beginner.  So far it has taken me over 1/2 hour just to get to the ride my first 2 times.  Instructions are difficult to interpret.  Jargon is rampant.  Connection sometimes isn’t available.  Too much trial and error required.  And what’s this mileage limit?  I thought I signed on to a 14 day free trial.  Now I have 8km left and haven’t done a full FTP test!  I will clearly run out of miles before I can adequately evaluate the value of ZWIFT for my purposes.  



Hi Joel,

Welcome to Zwift.

The free trial has been updated with the latest release. Here are the details:

“Additionally, we’ve updated our game servers, website, and game ‘login’ screen to reflect our new free trial. From now on, unsubscribed users will be granted 25 km of riding per calendar month to try Zwift out, as well as a one time 7 day unlimited mileage trial.” 

So this means you can try Zwift for 7 days unlimited. This will get your FTP test going;-)

And then for the setup and trial and error part… Did you read this “Getting started” post:

Keep it up and go for the FTP test. #rideon