Chris smith

(C. hris Smith (PACK) 6377) #1

I had a stroke on 29th Sept 16 and use zwift as part of my rehab as I can’t go out on the road. I am so impressed with the free trial package. It has helped my rehab on an emotional and physical level do much I will be so sad if I can’t can’t afford the full package in the next few days.thNk you zwift

(Ray Ruyack) #2

Ride on!

(Paul Allen) #3

You will still be able to use it, but only so many km per month.

To keep the Windows/Mac version on par with the iOS version we released a small update today. Additionally, we’ve updated our game servers, website, and game ‘login’ screen to reflect our new free trial. From now on, unsubscribed users will be granted 25 km of riding per calendar month to try Zwift out, as well as a one time 7 day unlimited mileage trial.