Free month because of coronavirus

RGT is offering free Premium memberships as a response to the COVID-19 crisis. Really surprised at all the shade thrown at the OP for their suggestion that Zwift respond to the pandemic in an “aggressive” marketing manner that would be good for attracting new members to the Zwift community and a gesture of good-will. Certainly, the world can use all the good will it can get at a time like this. Right? Increasing the trial period from 1-week to 1-month (WITHOUT having to buy a smart trainer) seems like a smart marketing and good-will move. IMO. By the way, contrary to some poster’s assumptions, not all Zwifter’s are sporting 1000 plus dollar/euro/pound set-ups. For example, my Zwift set-up consists of a 1978 Raleigh SuperCourse with a “dumb” Kinetic fluid trainer made “smart enough for Zwift” with their Kinetic inRide 3 Power Sensor accessory. Kudos to the Original Poster for staying level headed in their response to all those who were irked by the idea that Zwift be a little nimble in how it approached the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Honestly I would rather they collect user fees and spend the money to make sure that nothing crashes and that the service can get us through the next few months


I agree that Zwift should offer something. I don’t have a $1000 bike. I’ve been laid-off work due to Covid-19 outbreak. I had to turn off my Zwift account temporarily because funds are tight. I am currently using RGT premium since it is offered for free right now. I am also going to try OrbRider tonight. So I guess there are other options out there. Zwift is a corporation and capitalism is what it is all really about. You don’t get rich giving stuff away.

Hi Lyle, I agree. My only exception to what you said is that in some situations, TEMPORARILY providing a service for free is a long term capitalistic win. Companies do this all the time in various forms. RGT is building a lot of corporate good-will with new customers and those new customers may just become long-term paying permanent customers. Time will tell if Zwift or RGT had the better marketing approach during this Pandemic.

Wahoo/Sufferfest is now offering a special 30 day training plan for people stuck indoors and extended their 14 day trial period an additional 30 days so you can finish the training program and then either keep paying for the service or cancel and not owe anything.

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Rouvy and rgt

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Although I appreciate the response it also seems misleading.
Young is realitve but 6 years for the type of company is not young. And surely no longer a start-up.
In December 2018, Zwift raised a Series B investment of $120 million.

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Zwift has the social responsibility to the community they serve. It is called community reinvestment. We the customer/ society purchase their product/service, now that we are in crisis is time for them to reinvest a small amount back. Banks are waiving fees and giving extension, utility companies stop cutting unpaid services, cable companies are giving free internet for people to report any symptoms, etc.

Zwift you can make make a great contribution to the community giving the family a resource to stay home. And at the same time, maybe you gain some extra customer. But if not we your customer And or stockholders are going to be very proud of your contribution to improve our lives.


I wonder if this Covid 19 nightmare will give us (the world population) a mental reset on our lives and how we will choose to live them as we go forward in to our uncertain future?

My answer is sadly, probably, no, because whilst we ask to Zwift to provide us a free month. . . .

others will be asking to just live, to just be able to breath, just to avoid Covid, just to get to and from their front line job without catching Covid, Asking for their partners, close family, relatives and friends to make it through to the other side of this nightmare.

So whilst others have real concerns, we are still bitching. . . . about free stuff



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