For the love of God, WHY are the workouts stored locally?!

I have multiple setups including ios-units. Enough said.

This allows you to download workouts from online and use them.

On the flip side, they could maybe add a feature to upload workouts. I think a reason, is that storing them locally is easier to implement that storing them online.

+1  I have several Zwift stations and always have to keep the workouts folder manually updated via cloud drive, which seems somewhat of a workaround; sometimes it can be confusing which computer has the updated workout, so syncing to Zwift servers would resolve this, edit the workout on one computer and it’s automatically synced to my other Zwift stations.  Storing workouts on Zwift servers could further enable a sharing feature, ie. make workout public in a Zwift user database, or attach workout to user’s profile (ie. profile page lists one’s favorite personal workouts), or forward workout to a friend, but default would of course be private.

I agree. Having the same workouts across different devices would be handy. However, in the grand scheme of things, how many people who use Zwift, use it on multiple devices/PCs?

Zwift is a pretty small company, so, I’m guessing that storing locally is the easiest/cheapest solution for them. I’ve just added a second PC, so I’ll just copy over via USB, or, download the workouts onto the new device.

Yes, was shocked to find that out the hard way when starting to create custom workouts. Massive PITA.

I was just thinking, this could be resolved in Zwift if there was a selection for what folder contains the user’s personal workout files.  ie. All my workouts would be in one Google Drive or Dropbox folder synced among my machines, and pointed to that cloud folder on each machine.  Zwift wouldn’t have to do the cloud storage, that’s already done by Dropbox / Google.  I don’t know how easily this could be done with iOS (pointing the app to a dropbox folder), though I believe this would cover a large margin of the issue (desktops/laptops) with minimal resources.  If I’m away from my Zwift station, I can load Zwift on a computer, create/edit a workout, save it (to my selected cloud drive), and it’s then synced to my Zwift station when I get home.  Hammer time!

This makes no sense to me.  Just started using Zwift and have it on my laptop, my phone, and my Apple TV.  Why should I have custom workouts on only one of those devices?  Workout files are small sized text files that should be easily pushed to all account linked devices upon application load.  Creating a workout should automatically load the workout to Zwift infrastructure, where it should be stored and linked to account, then should be sync’d to all devices when they start.