Workout Multiple Devices

Hi Guys,


is it in 2017 realy tue, that zwift safte the customs wokout in a local folder and you have to work with copy all the time, while every absolved workout is uploaded easy, even that is not necessaty at all?




Not really following what you are saying.

The workouts „custom workouts“ are stored locally, thats a very poore feauture…

Agreed, and it has been suggested that it be moved to the web and available to all  devices that are used for Zwift.


When it will happen? Your guess is as good as mine, but lets hope early 2018.

Wher is it said, that it will come soon?

Zwift does not release a road map or what is coming soon.

Wher do you have your information from?

I am on the forums a lot and read all the posts.

Thank you!