Fondo issues

I posed these items under the Fondo event but I thought I should post them here as well.

  1. Double draft does not appear to be enabled. Looking at event on a third party site, you would normally see the Double Draft tag in Fondo events but it’s absent for the fondos this weekend. I can see double draft on other events but it does not appear on the Fondos.

  2. Filtering on Fondos for an event type in the companion app does not return this weekend’s Fondos. Unsure if that’s a problem with the event or my android companion app but they should appear, shouldn’t they?

Why do you want Double Draft enabled?

makes the speed go up, miles travelled quicker.

The official announcement also stated that Double Draft would be enabled. (Under “What is the Zwift Grand Fondo Series” part of the FAQ)

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Helps keep people together more easily so they can help each other over the longer distances.


Thanks I never really pay attention to the draft algorithm, I just try to stay in the group up to the first climb. :mountain_snow:

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No DoubleDraft on the January events and they are not show when filtering under Fondos. Same as December 2022.