How to tell if event uses 'double' or 'full' draft?

From what I’ve read about the recent drafting changes (i.e. #doubledraft, #truedraft, #fulldraft), not all events have this draft setting enabled.
Is there any way to see the various settings enabled/disabled for each event? has the #doubledraft tag, but it’s unclear to me if this is ‘official’.
(For example, there’s also a #doubledraf tag — note the spelling error — which prompts the ‘officialness’ question.)
Alternatively, is there a known Zwift API endpoint with detailed event data?

All the data in Events come straight from Zwift so in that sense they are ‘official’.

I do believe that you can use to different tags of an event in that list to determine if it has worldswap, double draft etc.

However, since we don’t know the internals of their (Zwift, that is) event system it is impossible to know if the tags are guaranteed to reflect exactly which rules apply to a certain event (we simply don’t know if the tags are added manually by Zwift staff or generated from other event data).