Flying leap off the Watopia Wall...

(Michael Gehrisch KISS (B)) #1

So I was taking an easy ride today, and as I reached the top of the Watopia Wall all of a sudden my rider veers to right flying over a cliff and glides back to the base of the hill. Any idea what happened? SW bug? Suicidal rider?

(George Florea) #2

I had a similar problem on Richmond three days ago…My rider suddenly took a right turn and left the road. After passing through some buildings it eventually came back, some 15 seconds later.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

Hey all,

We are aware and are working on a solution that isn’t just a patch-fix. May take a bit longer but this requires digging into the issue and finding out the underlying cause.


(Jiri Rojicek) #4

Happened to me today as well - funny ride through buildings. No big deal for me, perhaps Zwift team may appreciate to know more rides when it happened.