Flags + Rolling info on rider details

It’s nice to see where people are from with the flags on the right side of the screen when riding.  But once you’ve seen that and their w/kg and distance ridden, you’re done getting information about that rider… unless you want to take the time to look them up.   Would be nice to reuse the “Flag space” to rotate over more information about the person… like gender, age, weight, level, current HR, RPM, total watts, route, etc.  No real reason other than to just get a feel for who is riding around you.

When you’re riding the mountain route or Three Sisters, you often see the same people for a long time!  Given my age, I’m always happy to see one of the “old guys/gals” like me come up in the Zwift Companion app if I happen to select them.  Would be nice to know more about them without having to use the app to find out.