flags are a bad idea.....

(J Edwards(TFC RACE TEAM) ZZRC) #1

The ability to show what nationality you are is a bad idea.One world one planet one sport…cycling…So who cares where you are from,just as long as you ride a bike that is all that matters.Wouldn’t it be better to have either elite,novice,junior,amature etc flags so we all know who we are up against?I would love to be able to ride along side a rider who is higher rank than me ie elite compared to novice and beat his or her ass up the hill…Just a thought…

(Anthony Cree (STC)) #2

Completely disagree re flags. It’s interesting to see at a big picture level where riders are from, especially at odd hours. For instance, riding at 10 pm pacific time in the US and seeing riders from Asia or Europe on as well.

Yes as to some sort of skill/fitness level. I would say Cat 5 to Pro, using the Coggan w/kg charts and w/kg using some average of the last X rides, recognizing that some will fudge their weights on this. Just don’t offer prizes of any sort so that they ultimately only cheat themselves.

(J Edwards(TFC RACE TEAM) ZZRC) #3

Sorry but have to disagree with your remarks.Firstly,is it really that important to know what country another rider is from?Secondly ,what benefit will you acheive from knowing where the other riders are from?Thirdly,would you not prefer a sytem of ‘‘flags’’ or whatever to show what level rider you are in zwift like in most online multiplayer games?.If i am riding with someone who is a higher level than me on zwift then that would push me to try harder to keep up!

(Anthony Cree (STC)) #4

I didn’t say it was important, I said it was interesting.

Nor did I suggest it be an either/or proposition. I agree something related to category would also be interesting. Again, not important, mildly interesting. I would also not call it skill, this is a measure of fitness with close to zero skill required.

(Craig Howard WBR B) #5

I think in time a “rank” denoted by perhaps an equation of miles logged and W/KG would be a good idea. It could be added in a small font to the top right of the riders name. I’d certainly not get rid of flags though. For example, I rode quite late tonight in the UK (around 8PM) and Ted King was doing some morning riding. Zwift Island was probably around 80% USA/Canada but it was nice to see the odd UK and Australian riders around at such an odd time to train. For me, this added to the appeal as I then immediately wanted to catch a fellow Brit who was also online.

(Carol Bult) #6

There is a general Zwift flag option. Maybe that flag could be a different color depending on a rider’s ranking and age category. But I like having the option to select either the Zwift flag or my nation flag.

(Allan Watkins) #7

I like it because I’ll have an idea of what time zone a rider that I’ve noticed drafts with / for me a lot and maybe I’ve messaged them in game and would like to continue riding with them.

(anon18154799) #8

Eh, I find the flags fun. It’s neat knowing that you are riding with a global cross-section. Plus, the flags give me an idea as to what language I may need to use to message the person. As for ranking flags, they are of no more utility than nationality flags from a riding standpoint. I guess that I focus on my ride, so keeping up with a Cat 5 or getting dropped by a pro is inconsequential. Besides, I may be hammering to keep up with someone who happens to be on a recovery ride. That doesn’t make me his/her equal. Just my two cents.

(simon orange) #9

I really like the flags - and it’s great to know you’re riding with people from all over the world

(Eric Kutter (Bend, ORZ)) #10

I also like the flags. I think it actually makes it feel more like “One world one planet” because you are aware that you are riding “with” people from all over the world. Some may turn it into a competition of us against them, but I like the idea I might be riding with people from around the world.

(Roy Ezell_50womentokona) #11

FWIW, I prefer the nationality flags. For example, I’m an American living in Japan. I currently fly a Japanese flag. The real dilemma would be the offering of a Sufferlandrian flag. I would be torn.

Honestly, I don’t think the ‘look how cool I am’ points/ability flag would add much and just creates a more elitist attitude among a group of folks that don’t typically need help with that. MHO only :slight_smile:

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #12

The flags are fun, but probably there is some way to be more economical with limited user interface space. People seem more interested in knowing if the other riders are in their class (age, gender, power/weight, etc) than knowing country location. These clues could also be helpful to sort the list of current riders to make it easier to drop in with people who are better matched if you have no other preference.

One problem with measuring w/kg and stuff like this is that you create an “economy” or incentive that can run counter to sensible training goals. I’m a little concerned that people will feel like the program encourages people to ride hard all the time.

(Carraway Precia) #13

There’s a flag idea bubbling up in another thread. “Sufferlandrian” national flag.

(T Smutz) #14

I like the flags - kind of fun to ride with folks from other counties.

(Yves Ferland (mtl)) #15

Just did legendary Paris-Brest-Paris 2015 in August with 6 000 cyclists from around the world. We had 65 nationalities reprensented. Almost all of us were wearing jerseys with the flag of our country. I must say I disagree with you Jeff… so cool to see with who around the globe we virtually ride with on Zwift. Keep up the great work Zwift folks - this platform is just amazing !