Fixed resistance variable speed

Up until the 12th April 2022 I was able to select “[Zwift - 90min Riders Choice in ???]”, for example and I could then ride in the same gear experiencing the same resistance whilst my speed adjusted according to the terrain. Then there was a new release of software and I cannot now find a ride offering that same feature.
This is important to me because my training bike is not equipped with Shimno 105 and gear changing is hit and miss.


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Workouts does not follow the terrain, workouts will change resistance when ERG is enabled.

check that on the pairing screen your trainer is paired as power and controllable, if you use ANT+ make sure to use the FE-c option.


Not sure that I follow what you mean, Barry. As far as speed displays in Zwift, the terrain (e.g. road gradient, draft effects, road surfaces, etc…) will always factor into the speed readings whether in ERG mode workouts or SIM mode rides/events, etc…

As I understand it, these world terrain effects are just some of the many variables used to measure speed in Zwift. I feel like this topic has been discussed in various articles and other parts of the Zwift Forums as well.

If you mean something else, clarify and I’ll try to help.

EDIT: Nevermind, Barry. I think I know what you mean. The 90 Minute Riders Choice used to be accessible from the workout menu in Zwift, and was listed under “90+ minutes to burn”, but it’s no longer there. It must have been removed by the developers.

You can still find references to the 90 Minute Riders Choice workout on third-party sites like this one and use that information to perhaps recreate this as a custom workout.

In this article, you can find more info on creating custom workout in Zwift.

From what I can tell, it looks like that workout was just a 90 minute free ride, so quite simple by all accounts and should be easy to recreate as a custom workout.

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